The Blacksmith’s Daughter (Skyrim Fan Fiction) – Part 5, Episode 8 – ‘Fellglow Keep’

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Journal of Anya Fire-Heart – Loredas, 27th of Hearthfire, 4th Era, Year 201

“Fellglow Keep”

This morning I left Lakeview Manor and traveled by carriage to Whiterun, then there was only a short journey to the east up into the hills to Fellglow Keep which is an old fortress.  Along the way was only a bear and some wolves.  I arrived at Fellglow and was greeted by a Flame Atronach and two wizards.  There is one thing that I am learning is Faralda’s advice is true and that those creatures that are immune to flame make my flame spells and breath nearly useless, which is why I am thankful for the Ebony Blade.

The first encounter I ran into once  entered a small door the Flame Atronach was guarding, the main doors being barred from the inside, was a Frost Mage and two spiders.  The spiders were blown apart by a Fire Rune and then I closed the gap with Frost Mage.  In contrast to opponents who use fire.  Frost Magic pretty much bounces off me.  My Nord blood and the Atronach Stone’s blessing pretty much make me immune.  My Flame cloak and the Ebony Blade made short work of him.

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What followed this was running into various groups of mages doing different experiments.  The first of which was a group who had captured several vampires which they had as prisoners.  In a stroke of inspiration I let the vampires free after killing the one mage guarding them.  They exacted their vengeance on their captors in a battle in the next room.  It was three of them against three mages and when it was all over only one vampire remained.  It looked at me with hungry eyes but then left the room walking right past me to freedom.  I thought about killing it but then why bother. The vampires had done me a service for freeing them and in return the final vampire and I simply parted calling it even.

These mages were all rich in one thing – books.  Everywhere I found books on shelves.  Many of these I had already in my main library but I was building a secondary library to trade books from to others.  Urag might want a book I already had and I had run into others who were looking for specific books.  While I would be reluctant to part with a book in my main collection, if I had it in the backup collection I could trade it with less reservation.  My backpack began to swell with books.

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The next room of significance was the prison room.  It had three cells and in one of them was Orthorn.  I had to kill a mage and three wolves but I finally found myself in front of Orthorn asking where the stolen books were.  He told me that The Caller had taken them.  He offered to stay with me but I told him not to bother.  He volunteered to follow me but I told him quite frankly he made me sick and that he should just head back to the College of Winterhold.  I have little trust of traitors watching my back.

I continued on.  I found two mages practicing spells and another was looking on giving instruction.  I waited until they had pretty much expended all their magicka and then struck.  I killed the instructor mage first and then the other two were easily dispatched.   I suppose it did however help that my Flame Breath hit them all first.  After this, I encountered two necromancers in a crypt.  I fought and killed them along with the six skeletons that burst out from coffins.  I went on and found myself going upward in the main part of Fellglow Keep.

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Fellglow Keep itself was a battle of destroying various types of mages along with a few summoned atronachs.  First there were summoners and a Flame Atronach.  Then I found the main chamber that leads to the outside it was guarded by two mages and a Frost Atronach.  The Atronach melted before my Breath and the mages crumpled before the Ebony Blade. I found a side chamber where the mages slept and slaughtered two more of them.  I found an Enchantment table and did some work there briefly.

I continued on and found a room with two rings of bookshelves that was obviously a library of sorts. I killed two mages there and took any books that were still intact. I headed through the continuing passage to find what I must assume to be the place where leaders of the group lived as there were two private rooms the first was fairly ordinary but at least a person could live there by themselves.  The second was far more comfortable with two chambers. One for eating and the other had a double bed for sleeping.  This second pair of rooms was clearly the home of The Caller but it looked like another person lived here as well.  Probably a lover based on how the bedroom smelled.  There was a mage and a Flame Atronach that I had to kill in these rooms connected to the hallway.  I finally made my way up into the Final upper level of the keep.

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The Ritual Chamber where the Caller was located was fairly vast.  It had small chambers that were connected to it but on it also had three places for books including a central pulpit.  The Caller herself was actually only slightly upset that I had destroyed everything.  I told her I had come for the book Orthorn had stolen.  She said that she was disappointed that I was only Savos Aren’s lackey. She told me she was not going to part with the books so a battle ensued.  She summoned Flame Atronach after Flame Atronach.  The chamber also allowed her to teleport out of trouble from time to time. It was an epic battle but in the end the high elf mage known as The Caller was dead at my feet, although I was glad for my Fast Healing Spell several times in the encounter.

I took all three books and began to examine them.  One was Night of Tears which once I quickly read parts of it looked like it had information relevant to the Orb we had discovered. I found a key on the Caller that opened a door to a storage room which had quite a few treasures that I quickly collected.  I then found my way out of he Keep and after a run back to Whiterun made the decision to head back to Lakeview Manor.  I simply had too many books and needed to get them back to my library.

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This whole encounter has left me in a whirl personally.  This was particularly evident from the fact these mages were not just engaged in freely practicing magic but a freedom of ethics and morality of sorts.  The Caller herself conjured in my thoughts of a woman who experimented in powerful magics during the day and engaged a lover passionately at night.  I must freely admit this image of a woman in control of both her work and personal life is an attractive one.

Not that my personal life has gone anything beyond a little infatuation with a couple of men which I know in my heart will never go further than it is.  Ralof is too much of an honorable Nord and Ulfric will undoubtedly marry for political reasons.  That said, I find that since my time of being a slave to the bandits, my views on intimacy have changed.  I used to, like any other girl I imagine, pleasure myself from time to time in bed dreaming foolish girl dreams of nights of lustful passion with the man of my dreams.  After a month of continual rape however, intimacy with men is certainly distasteful to me.

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I haven’t even bothered to pleasure myself since either.  Physically I am healed completely, but inside I still burn with rage.  I would rather burn a man to ash than make love to one. Women who basically sell or compromise their bodies for gain I find repugnant as well.  I find though this encounter has me think on what pleasure I am missing from not enjoying life or intimacy.  Father was after all as devoted to Dibella as he was Talos.  Mother always said he was a horny bastard but she said it with a naughty smile.  Mother was a priestess of the Nine with Talos as center but she certainly didn’t shy away from Dibella’s teachings or feast days either.  I want to find a love like they had, but I feel broken.  The only time I am at peace is when I am at the forge or burning and slashing my enemies. Fire and Steel are my solace not love.

Perhaps when I am done with this trip north, I will head to Markarth. Perhaps, my broken womanhood can be restored by the priestesses of Dibella.  However, tomorrow I will once again make the trip north.  The goals remain the same for now.  The missions for the Companions, Dark Brotherhood and Bard’s College remain.  They will be done.

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The Wayfarer – Evard Raven-Blood (Skyrim Fan Fiction) Part 1, Episode 5 – ‘A Candid Conversation’


“Dragonborn, I could indeed use a break.  My fingers are indeed getting sore.”

I informed him that perhaps if the Library would send up a real scribe instead of someone pretending to be one, then we might make some real progress.

“What do you mean?”

I told him he looked and acted more like a noble than a scribe and a true scribe would never take a break after such a short amount of time. He seemed to grind his teeth at this.  I couldn’t see his eyes in the shadow of his hood but I could imagine them moving in a slight bit of concern.  I told him the Pentius Oculatus and myself had worked together in the past, so trying to keep me in the dark about their presence now was a little clumsy.  The man shook his head and pulled back his hood.

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“I tried to tell them this wouldn’t work.”

The man in pulling back his hood revealing the face of Commander Maro.  I greeted him and told him that he might want to tell me what was going on or I really would use my Unrelenting Force Shout on him.

“I am here to assess whether the Dragonborn is a threat to the Empire. The memoirs are to assess the possibility you might become a threat in the future or are currently a threat.”

I told him that I probably should get up and leave but I would finish the project.  I was now committed to finishing these memoirs of mine and then shoving those memoirs right in Titus Mede’s  face personally, making him read them and then heading back to Skyrim never to be seen again.  If my whole story didn’t convince him I was loyal then he could go… Well what I was thinking next was really impolite.

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“Sorry, I told them this was a waste of time as I already could attest to your loyalty personally.  I mean you destroyed the Dark Brotherhood for us.”

I told him I was now beginning to have my regrets about that thanks to this inconvenience.  If Titus had his doubts he should have been a man about it and told me himself.  I told Maro to get a real scribe in there and we would continue.  I was mad as a nest of hornets but I wasn’t going to give them the satisfaction of questioning my loyalty and getting away with it.  Besides, I should set the record straight about what happened in Skyrim.  The rumors and legends were getting to be ridiculous.

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It didn’t take long for a real scribe to arrive.  Maro was still there but now he just sat there with his arms crossed listening intently.  The scribe had ink stains on his fingers and a hand calloused to long writing hours.  He took Maro’s work, frowned at it and then recopied it shaking his head as he did so.

“Sorry Dragonborn, but I had my orders.”

I told him I knew that, but he could have avoided the ruse.  I would have understood if he just told me straight away. I have picked of the Nord habit of directness and it would have served him better. The scribe seemed to finish and he looked at us.  I asked Maro if he could be trusted with sensitive information.  Maro said that is why he was picked.

I then picked up the story where I had left off with me stepping out the door of Alvor’s House into Riverwood.

The Blacksmith’s Daughter (Skyrim Fan Fiction) – Part 5, Episode 7 – “Cultist Fury”

Journal of Anya Fire-Heart – Fredas, 26th of Hearthfire, 4th Era, Year 201

“Cultist Fury”

Today was a full day but I have arrived back at Lakeview Manor in good shape.  If I have any concerns it is these damn cultists who keep talking about Miraak being the true Dragonborn and then trying to kill me.  At least though I accomplished what  I set out to accomplish today.  I woke up in Iverstead and took my carriage to Windhelm. I was determined to accomplish two goals.  1) Finn”s Lute for the Bard’s College was said to be nearby in Stone Creek Cave and Ennodius Papius was nearby s well for my second target for the Dark Brotherhood.

I decided to head out toward the Lute first.  I wanted to have another ‘reason’ to be in Solitude if I need to go spy there again.  I headed south past Kynesgrove and then south through the edge of the volcanic Tundra. I saw another dragon circling Bonestrewn Crest.  I began to understand these dragons are going to occupy places that suit them.  I thought about going after the dragon but my meditations on dragons have caused me to see them as kin or family. I don’t go looking for fights with them although I would say Alduin and his supporters would be a fight I would engage in.

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I reached Stone Creek cave after a short journey through the Tundra.  I had to kill wolves, spiders and a bear along the way.  None of these, particularly the spiders, like my Flame Cloak.  Stone Creek’s entrance has water that you have to wade through.  Inside I found a group of bandits led by a mage.  One interesting thing is the cave must have been filled with an explosive gas because once my flame cloak touched it, it burned right into it. Killed at least one of the bandits with that.  I smashed through two more in the small cave.  Finally I found a small chamber where the leader was.  She fought me fire against fire but I prevailed and after searching the cave found Finn’s Lute in a chest.  Also in the chest was a beautiful set of Ebony Steel Armor. It was enchanted as we well, so I picked it up resolving to look at it more closely later.

Leaving the cave, I headed back to Windhelm I was confronted by three of these damn cultists. I fought them and killed them.  I am beginning to think Miraak has upped his game in trying to kill me.  That was further confirmed when I was nearing the bridge that led to Anga’s Mill where I was attacked by three more.  This is becoming more than a nuisance and I must do something. Miraak has definitely earned my fiery wrath.

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I found Ennodius Papius at a small camp north of the mill, I also heard a dragon and when I looked I could see it was Alduin circling up ahead.  I approached Papius and told him he was right to fear and then a couple of swipes or the Ebony Blade and his head left his shoulders.  I then turned my attention to Alduin. I headed further up the path ans saw Alduin circling a dragon mound.  Then I saw it again – Alduin resurrecting a dragon.  He then flew off but the new dragon remained and we battled.  He would circle then drop down.  The dragon’s problem was that he kept dividing his attacks between an Ice Wraith, a khajiit caravan and me.

The battle had one other particular problem in that this dragon was a fire breather as well.  My Fire Breath did little damage so I had to follow him and trying to coax him to battle.  Of all the dragon’s I have battled, he was the most cagey.  He would fight a short time and then take to the sky again. It took a little while to bring him down.  Once I did and felt his soul enter mine, I thought it was a great irony that Alduin had lost another one of his soldiers so quickly after resurrecting him.  The Dragon’s name had been Viinturuth, but his soul now burned within mine.

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I headed back to Windhelm.  When I arrived I found my way to the blacksmith.  After unloading all the things I didn’t want I began to look at the Ebony Armor I had found. It had an enchantment I knew; one that reduced the magicka needed to cast destruction spells.  I improved it with an Ebony Ingot I had and it was even better.  I am wearing it right now and it has a much better fit than my Nordic Armor.  I am going to study it to learn how make Ebony Steel Armor for myself.  It is a powerful image I have in my head.  My form completely clad in Ebony Steel, ringed with fire an wielding the Ebony Blade.

After selling some other things to the other merchants, I told my carriage drive to take me back to Lakeview Manor.  We have arrived late but I have sorted out some things and found the pair of Ebony Boots to go with the Armor.  I improved them and the whole image is taking shape even more.  I will continue to smith with the aim of learning the secret of Ebony Steel.

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Tomorrow, I will head north.  I have a journey to complete.  I have some books to recover for the college near Whiterun, I have a mission I have too long-delayed for the Companions, and Beitild awaits my blade for the Brotherhood in Dawnstar. There are also rumors of a man starting a museum in Dawnstar as well as Pantea’s Flute near Dawnstar in Hob’s Fall Cave.  There is much to do and it starts with a journey to the north.

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The Wayfarer – Evard Raven-Blood (Skyrim Fan Fiction) – Part 1, Episode 4 – ‘Scenic Skyrim’

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“Dragonborn, if you want a break. We can take short rest.”

I told him that if his hand was cramping to let me know and I would take a break.  There is really no effort in flapping your lips and telling stories. I continued.

No sooner had we left the cave under Helgen that we heard the now too familiar flap of wings and then a roar overhead.  We both took cover behind a rock, but we need not have bothered.  Alduin passed over us like we were not even there and after he turned near Bleak Falls Barrow he disappeared over the horizon heading toward Whiterun.  I give all the names now, but at the time all I knew of Skyrim’s geography was where the major cities were due to studying maps.  I knew Darkwater Crossing and Helgen from experience but that was it.

Hadvar and I then started wondering down the path from the cave.  The sun was high in the sky, a little bit after noon.  Hadvar told me that his uncle was the blacksmith in a nearby town called Riverwood.  He could probably help us, so we both headed down the path which eventually joined to a main road.  I use the term road in the loosest sense of the term as it was main of stones but compared to the roads in Cyrodiil they were roads in name only.  Perhaps this is something the Empire should work on once peace is truly restored.

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Along the way Hadvar talked about me joining the Legion.  I laughed at that time, I mean what was an old guy like me going to do in the Legion?  Hadvar said it needed people like me.  He told me in later conversations he meant that I was naturally brave and intelligent.  I think he had an over estimation of my character and abilities.

On the way to Riverwood we made three stops of note.  The first was on a scenic overlook of the valley where we could see Bleak Falls.  Hadvar told me a little about it and how he it had always given him nightmares as a boy.  The second stop was at the Guardian Stones.  The Thief, Warrior and Mage all sitting there ready to bless those who want it.  I picked the Mage, touched it and we moved on with some side comment from Hadvar about it was not for him to judge.  Sounds like judging to me. Finally there was a battle with three wolves. Between Hadvar and me we finished them off .

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I want to make this remark about Skyrim,  It is one of the most beautiful places I have seen.  Its’s natural wonders make all others pale in comparison.  The granite mountains, the snow and ice, the trees and the rivers all combine to create a visually stunning display.  That said, it is helpful to remember that all this beauty can at times cover deadly peril like Deathbell or Nightshade.  I learned to enjoy the beauty of it while all the while keeping a hand on my sword and a flesh spell handy.

We hit the edge of Riverwood and Hadvar remarked that it was pretty quiet and then pointed out his uncle who was busy in the forge.  Alvor was surprised to see Hadvar but Hadvar quickly turned the conversation to going inside and talking instead of out in the open.  Hadvar called me a friend and he probably was my first friend in Skyrim.  Alvor agreed to go inside and we headed through the door of his modest house.

Image result for alvor and sigrid's houseAlvor’s house was a single floor with a full cellar basement. His wife was Sigrid who was a fine strong-looking Nord woman.  They had daughter a Dorthe. Alvor called his wife from the basement and she fed us all a fine meal, while I had conversations with Hadvar and Alvor.  Alvor wanted my help to warn the Jarl about the dragon as Riverwood was defenseless.  I agreed something should be done but I had to get some things done first in Riverwood. Alvor actually gifted me some supplies and let me take a few things from his home.  Most notable a Belted Tunic and some boots to go with it which I changed into once Dorthe and Sigrid went to the basement.  That along with some food, drink and other supplies and I was in a much better position than I was that morning.

As I walked around Alvor’s Home I did get into conversations with Hadvar, Sigrid and Dorthe.  Hadvar once again stated his belief I should head to Solitude and join the Legion.  He felt if i wanted to know what was up with the dragon I should talk to General Tullius.  Sigrid started the conversation with a warning that she was spoken for and not to get any ideas but then gave me the best directions to Whiterun.  Dorthe was more interested in talking about how she wanted to be a great blacksmith like her father.  I could tell this was not to the liking of Sigrid who expressed a wish that she would do more girl stuff to which Dorthe responded that was stupid girl talk.

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I suppose I should talk about my strategy in dealing with people.  I have found that it is better to make friends with people.  That may sound cliched but it is coupled by the idea of it is more important to choose your enemies than friends.  You will make enemies almost without trying, so you need not add to then intentionally.  Besides, all it usually takes to make a friend is to do something for them or have them do something for you.  Been doing this sort of thing in Cyrodiil for decades now it was my time to do it in Skyrim.  Alvor’s Family was clearly friendly along with Hadvar so I wasn’t off to a bad start.

I headed out the door into Riverwood.

The Blacksmith’s Daughter (Skyrim Fan Fiction) – Part 5, Episode 6 – “Geirmund’s Hall”

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Journal of Anya Fire-Heart – Turdas, 25th of Hearthfire, 4th Era, Year 201

“Geirmund’s Hall”

This morning I left Lakeview manor with an eye to getting Barbas back his master Clavicus Vile.  I told my carriage drive to wait for me in Iverstead.  I found myself traveling through Helgen and to Haemar’s Shame once again. Once inside we made our way to the shrine and presented Vile the Axe. Lord Vile was pleased but then made a request of me that I promptly refused.  He wanted me to kill Barbas with the Axe.  Vile seemed disappointed but he took Barbas back.  Barbas for his part asked me to trust him and he didn’t disappoint.  Vile wanted to punish me for my lack of imagination but Barbas must have convinced him to give me a boon instead and the next thing I knew in my hand was a mask and the Axe was gone. More specifically the Masque of Clavicus Vile. I knew enough to know that when wearing it made one more charismatic.

Image result for masque of clavicus vile

I headed out the back door and found myself standing alone near the entrance of Haemar’s Shame.  I checked my map and realized that being this close to Iverstead made it possible for me to kill two birds with one stone.  Narfi the beggar was in Iverstead and was a contract kill for the Dark Brotherhood.  Near Iverstead was Geirmund’s Hall he resting place of the last fragment of Gauldur’s Amulet.  It was still very early so I headed out.

I found Narfi wandering around his burnt up and collapsed house.  He still lived there sleeping on a mat and apparently doing nothing.  It made me wonder why someone would want him dead.  The issue for me is that why was not my concern.  The Black Sacrament had been performed and the contract sealed.  I spoke to Narfi and he was obviously insane an scared of something.  He however did not react as I watched him wander. Finally he picked up a pickaxe and began harvesting stone.  He back was to me and there was no way anyone would see the kill.  It took a single swipe of the Ebony Blade to dispatch him.

Image result for skyrim narfi

I suppose this brings up the issue of what kind of assassin am I.  Well, I have killed enough that when my blade struck Narfi down I felt nothing.  He was a means to an end, nothing more. I actually have been thinking if I can make friends with these people before I kill them, it would please Mephala.  The more I read of Sithis and Mephala, I truly see the need for the Dark Brotherhood to return to their old ways.  Abandoning the Five Tenets may very well be the reason the Night Mother no longer speaks to a Listener.  I guess this means I am a traditionalist which would probably please Babette, Festus and Gabriella.  I also am not a sneak and stab assassin.  Nor do I have skill with a bow.  Like Festus and Arnbjorn I hit you straight in the face – sometimes with a spell, sometimes with a blade.

With Narfi dead, I turned my attention to Geirmund’s Hall which was a short walk away, the entrance being on a small island.  I headed inside and found myself confronted with a dilemma.  The cave seemed to go nowhere.  There was the body of an adventurer nearby who had died but his corpse offered no clue.  There was a hole in the floor with a significant drop but I could see water at the bottom.  I jumped and found myself in an underground pool and once I found a way to climb out near a door. What followed was a journey through traps, draugr and puzzles.  Eventually I found myself In the main chamber with Sigdis Gauldurson.  This last of the three brothers I had faced was difficult as he could make multiple copies of himself and he was a master of the Unrelenting Force shout.  He knocked me off my feet with it several times but I prevailed using a combination of Flame Cloak, Fire Breath and the Ebony Blade.

I found the lasts of the fragments around his neck.  There is only one stop of this particular quest and that is Reachwater Rock.  This is the resting place of Arch-Mage Gauldur.  It is my hope that there is some means in uniting the fragments within.  It is near Markarth and not to far from the Blade’s temple.  So perhaps I will delay this a little until I have other reasons to travel there.  Right now, I think the best course of action is to follow the string of Dark Brotherhood contracts and if along the way I can complete other tasks so much the better.

I am sitting in my room at Vilemyr Inn.  The Ebony Blade is across my lap.  I must make more of an effort to feed its power, but which ‘friends’ should I betray?  Perhaps it is easier if I broaden my definition of friend.  The one thing I do know is that if the Dark Brotherhood, Companions and other groups could be turned to help me in the War.  In the morning I will travel to Windhelm, my appointment with Ennodius Papius awaits.

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The Wayfarer – Evard Raven-Blood (Skyrim Fan Fiction) – Part 1, Episode 3 – ‘Fresh Air’

Image result for skyrim helgen book

I asked the scribe if he had caught up.

“Certainly Dragonborn.  You can go as fast as you like, I have been trained to write quickly.”

Once Hadvar and I had made it into Helgen Keep, we took a breath and the Hadvar cut my bonds.  I began to look around and realized that the first order of business was survival. I did have to make some hard decisions though. Hadvar wanted me to take the armor I could find but I declined.  I never have liked wearing armor.  I only traded out the foot wraps for a pair of imperial boots.  I found a sword and tested it for weight.  My father had taught me some things about fighting when I was a boy and I was hoping they would come back to me.  I had my healing spell and a fire spell but I only used the fire spell to light fires.  I found some gold and a book which I wrapped up and a bottle of wine which I took a drink off as my mouth was dry.  Not the greatest image of the Dragonborn but it was a start.

It didn’t take us too long to run into some Stormcloaks.  Hadvar thought he could reason with them but I was skeptical keeping my hand on my sword hilt.  I was right. As soon as Hadvar appeared, the two Stormcloaks attacked. I drove in with my sword and thankfully Hadvar is a trained fighter.  I provided enough distraction for him to pretty much carry the day. One of the Stormcloaks was carrying a hide shield so I picked it up.

Image result for sktrim legion banner

“Dragonborn, could you talk about your fighting style for a moment. Why did you ultimately embrace Sword and Shield while wearing no armor?”

My personality I suppose.  My father worked as a blacksmith’s apprentice for a time and he used the time to teach me basics.  Just in case stuff.  The only real fighting I had ever done before Helgen had been with my mouth.  Debate and Discussion.  A good debater knows when to attack and when to defend.  It should be noted that my style of life reflects a talk first, fight second approach as well.  I never liked armor but Alteration magic can do that job without carrying around a lot of gear. Restoration to heal my wounds and fight the undead.  The Sword and Shield approach fits my personality and has some other benefits as well.  Mostly though I try to talk my way out of trouble and past obstacles.  The sword is ultimately a last resort.  The shield a lifesaver.   Image result for Skyrim Banded Shield

The Scribe nodded. and I continued.

There is not much really to tell of Helgen.  We headed into the keep’s underground areas.  We found the kitchen and had to fight two more Stormcloaks.  This time I killed one myself. I must pause and reflect here. It was the first person I had ever killed.  I looked into his eyes and thrust my blade into his chest.  I watched him fall. It gave my no satisfaction other than it was him or me and I prevailed.  Other than that I must say I still see the faces of the men and women I have killed in battle regardless of race in my dreams. This first one most of all.

We left the kitchen after gathering some food and then plunged down into the torture room.  Yes, that is what it was and thankfully in the brief battle between the Torturer, his assistant the two of us and the two Stormcloaks, the torturer was killed. Otherwise I might have taken my new killing skills and used them on him.  What I saw there reminded me too much of my imprisonment with the Thalmor.  The Empire needs to outlaw this crap.

Image result for helgen torture room

It was here that I found a backpack to put things in as well as a mage who had died in his cell.  I took his robes and hood but I didn’t put them on.  I would disenchant them later.  I also took four books although one I used immediately to learn a spell.  I must note here that I believe all these books are still in my personal library in Skyrim.

“At your passing Dragonborn, I have been instructed to ask what will happen to that collection?”

I told him it would probably pass to my family.  I mean it is a tremendous fountain of knowledge that I know many of them will appreciate.

“I see.” He looked disappointed.

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In any case we pressed on and found that the dragon attack had opened up a tunnel at the end of the dungeon into more natural caverns.  As we pressed on we found a large chamber that had five Stormcloaks.  It was three to five as the torturer’s assistant had come with us.  In the ensuing battle the assistant was killed along with the five Stormcloaks. We pressed on and found a lever to lower a bridge. Once we crossed it, we heard a dragon roar and a large stone block fell on the wooden bride behind us, destroying it.  There was no going back.  We kept going and found a chamber full of Frostbite Spiders. We killed them but it was no small matter. Frostbite venom lives up to its name and I thank the Nine that I had my healing spell.

Our last encounter was with a bear.  She was old, sick and obviously dangerous.  She had obviously been killing people for a while for food.  I approached and the two of us put her down.  We then could feel the breeze of the exit.  Fresh air. We found the mouth of the cave and exited into Skyrim.  We had escaped Helgen.

The Blacksmith’s Daughter (Skyrim Fan Fiction) Part 5, Episode 5 – “The Break of Dawn”

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Journal of Anya Fire-Heart – Middas, 24th of Hearthfire, 4th Era, Year 201

“The Break of Dawn”

I must say something about this song I have now heard a few times called “The Dragonborn Comes”.  I am the Dragonborn, so it seems that this song which claims I will be the end of the evil of all Skyrim’s foes is a little overblown.  It also seems to be problematic since there is a guy named Miraak claiming to be the true Dragonborn. His cultists have tried to kill me three times. Twice today.  I am getting the feeling I might have to take a trip to Solstheim to resolve this.  There is just so much to do here in Skyrim.

We left Solitude this morning.  I had resolved to return the beacon of Meridia to Mount Kilkreath and then perhaps head out to retrieve the Rueful Axe from Rimerock Burrow.  Barbas seems anxious and I want to accelerate getting him back with his master.  That and he seems to be a ‘dirty dog’.  Has a nasty tendency to shove his nose in a place where dogs shouldn’t when he comes up behind me.  He also seems to bark whenever he feels like it. He has on more than one occasion alerted the enemy before I was ready.  We headed out but before I left I told my carriage driver to wait and Dragon Bridge.

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We arrived at Mount Kilkreath and I heard some chanting and looking around found a Word Wall right out in the open.  The Word was Elemental Fury an I unlocked it with a dragon soul.  I then ascended the steps to the statue of Meridia who had been speaking the entire time about the lack of faithfulness of mortals.  Once I reached the top I placed the beacon in the spot for it.  I found myself ascending into the sky.  Meridia was surrounded in light so intense it was all I could see.  Her instructions to me were clear.  Kill the Necromancer Malkoran and retrieve her artifact Dawnbreaker.  I agreed to do it and suddenly I fell back to the place on top of her shrine.

Barbas behind me, we entered the ruins and immediately my skin began to crawl.  I ran into the corpse of an imperial soldier and his body had been blackened by corruption.  The ruin itself was simple enough but I had to guide the beam of light provided by Meridia’s beacon through it.  I had to find pedestals and activate then which would redirect the beam and send it to the next pedestal.  Along the way we ran into what I will describe as Corrupted Shades.  They were ghosts but dark as night and much tougher than ghost I had run into before.  Thankfully they don’t seem to like fire and burn very nicely.  Over and over we found corrupted bodies as well.

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Once we had traveled all the way through, we found Malkoran in the last chamber surrounded by these Corrupted Shades. Barbas charged in and took out one but it was my Fire Breath and Fore Cloaks that destroyed most of them.  Malkoran himself proved difficult to kill and then once he was dead he turned into a corrupted Shade himself and we had to kill him a second time.  Finally he was dead and I took Dawnbreaker from its pedestal.

Dawnbreaker is a brightly shining sword that absolutely looks fantastic.  Its central hilt glowed with golden light.  As soon as I took the sword in hand I found myself transported back into the sky into Meridia’s presence.  I don’t think she said thank you and practically assumed that I would follow her instructions.  More of ‘its about time’ and then she charged me with taking the sword and destroying corruption with it in her name.  I like the sword but honestly its a one-handed weapon so it is really not my style of fighting, and Meridia has a bad attitude, so maybe I will and maybe I won’t.  I found myself back on the ground in front of her statue.

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Barbas and I journeyed to Rimerock Cavern.  Once inside it didn’t take long for us it find Sebastian Lort and once he and his pet Flame Atronach were killed I found the Rueful Axe on an altar.  It seems to be an interesting but clumsy weapon. It does not swing near the speed of the Ebony Blade.  I thought about retrieving the Shalidor Writings from Northwatch Keep but I felt the climb down and back would take too much time.  Perhaps another time when I already down there along the coast.  We headed back to Dragon Bridge.

My carriage driver was waiting as instructed and so I ordered him to take us back to Lakeview Manor.  We arrived late but I am in good spirits.  I now only need to get back to Haemar’s Shame and then Barbas will be reunited with Vile.  I have certainly benefited from his presence, but he is as I say, problematic as a companion.  Then again I have said that about a lot of companions, so perhaps I am simply meant to walk alone.

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