The Blacksmith’s Daughter (Skyrim Fan Fiction) – Part 5, Episode 9 – “Hob’s Fall Cave”

File:SR-place-Hob's Fall Cave.jpg

Journal of Anya Fire-Heart – Morndas, 29th of Hearthfire, 4th Era, Year 201

“Hob’s Fall Cave”

Yesterday was not eventful enough for me to write about.  For the most part I took my carriage to Dawnstar and began to look for Beitild who I found working her mine easy enough.  A few conversations and I knew where she lived. I decided the best way to kill her was wait until she went into her house.  In the meantime I decided to check out this new museum in Dawnstar.

I came to the place I was told the museum was only to find two people engaged in an argument.  The woman mage was arguing that Silus should not be creating the museum.  He retorted that this was his family’s legacy and he would embrace it.  I spoke with her (Madena) and she told me that Silus was obsessed with this legacy of the Mythic Dawn he possessed. She felt this was a mistake.  I talked to him inside the museum and he said he had one thing left to collect – Mehrunes Dagon’s Razor.  He offered to hire me to find it.  I agreed only because I understand the value of having the favor of the daedric lord as he is the daedra of change and ambition.  He gave me his notes on the three people who had the fragments of the Razor.  I told him I would find them and bring them back.

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I waited til Beitild finally went home well after midnight.  I followed her to her home and then after she went in waited for a half hour then I went up to the door crouched down and picked the lock.  I am, as I have mentioned before, not very good at sneaking.  Beitild was however sleeping soundly like anyone who has worked an eighteen hour day would,  The Ebony Blade drank her blood sending her to Sithis.  I went to the inn and spent a restful night sleeping.

I awoke the next morning early and headed out to Fort Fellhammer.  I was looking for a fragment of Wuuthrad in the possession of the Silver Hand.  Fort Fellhammer is a small fort and it was certainly not a great fort but it protected a mine.  I took out the three Silver Hand guards and then entered the upper part where I found the leader.  It was a tough fight but in the end his blood dripped off the Ebony Blade. I found the fragment in a chest. It had been a while since I had received this mission from Aela the Huntress. She would probably be very pleased to both see it finished and me as well.  Unfortunately I still had some things to do.

Image result for skyrim fort fellhammer

I headed northeast toward Hob’s Fall Cave.  I found the entrance between some ice cliffs.  I dropped down into a low spot and then entered the cave.  Hob’s Fall Cave was infected with Necromancers.  One of them believed that Pantea’s Flute was able to make the dead dance.  I was fairly certain they had it long enough to know it didn’t work but they had sent a ransom note to Pantea anyway.  I fought my way through skeletons and necromancers and in the end I found the flute in the furthest chamber in a chest.  My fire burned all my enemies and I have found that undead are particularly vulnerable.  I exited the cave, found my way back to Dawnstar and took the boat to Solitude directing my carriage to meet me there.

Pantea and Inge Six-Fingers were both glad to get the instruments.  They both thanked me by teaching me several things. Pantea had a great knowledge of a few key points in magic use.   Inge had been associated with the thieves guild so she gave me some knowledge along those lines.  I was happy to learn but once I was done, I just wanted to get home. I took my carriage back to Lakeview Manor where I have arrived late.

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I am now ready to complete a few things.  I need to get the fragment back to Aela but I also have finished all my assassinations for the Dark Brotherhood.  With all the work completed for the Bard’s college, my cover identity seems to be secure there.  I am thinking I will visit the sanctuary first as it is closer and then head to Whiterun.  It really is all about tying up loose ends tomorrow.

I don’t know If I will get a chance to get to Markarth to see the Temple of Dibella and the priestesses but I can’t seem to shake the notion that this is important.  Is it Mephala’s guidance?  Mephala is the goddess of sex after all and Dibella is a goddess of following the pleasures of life which includes sex.  Sex is after all central to my problem as a woman right now but why would Mephala take such a personal interest in me?  Well, in any case, I hope I find a chance to get to Markarth soon to find out if they can be of any help.

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