The Wayfarer – Evard Raven-Blood (Skyrim Fan Fiction) – Part 1, Episode 6 – “Riverwood”

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The new Scribe nodded and I continued with my story.

When I exited Alvor’s house, I was faced with a sense of urgency about warning the Jarl about the dragon. To be honest though I was not sure what the Jarl would actually do about the dragons.  He might actually send a guard but I couldn’t see him sending anything more than a detachment to maybe get the people to safety.  I had the notion at this time that dragons were somewhat like a natural disaster.  You really can only react to them.  This is why I didn’t head out right away to warn the Jarl but instead made the decision to get to know the people of the town.

I headed first to the right and greeted the woman I had heard earlier talking about the dragon but she seemed only interested in the fact no one (but me) believed her.  I then ran into a wood elf named Faendal. He was chopping and delivering wood to a pile near the forge.  When I greeted him he opened with a curious conversation about me talking to a guy named Sven.  I asked him what was wrong with Sven.  It seemed Sven fancied himself a bard but was lazy and more importantly interested in the same girl as he was – Camilla Valerius.  He tried at that time to get me interested in helping him by giving her a forged letter that he wanted to give to her and say it was from Sven.  I took the letter but secretly I wished I hadn’t even started down this path.

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I felt the only reasonable course of action was to continue on and if I found Sven, talk to him.  I found that he was often in the Sleeping Giant Inn.  I discovered this from Lod the husband of Gerdur who owned the saw mill.  He had an additional complaint about Sven that he often showed up to the job drunk.  Hod also informed me that he paid for chopped firewood.  I then headed to the Sleeping Giant which is by all respects a decent inn for Skyrim.  I found Sven sitting in a chair nursing a pint of mead.  When I informed him of Faendal’s letter, he said it was shocking that an elf would engage in treachery in a very sarcastic tone. He then gave me a letter of his own to give Camilla.  One thing that I could get from Sven is that he had a high opinion of himself and a low opinion of elves.  I took his letter and asked where he had learned to sing and play.  He told me about the Bard’s College in Solitude.

I had several other conversations that day.  Most notably with Delphine the innkeeper who told me she really only handled renting rooms and that anything else I wanted I should talk to Orgnar. Orgnar for his part was a walking font of information.  I learned about many rumors.  He told me about the Mage’s College in Winterhold, that there was a boy in Windhelm trying to contact the Dark Brotherhood.  How the local merchant Lucan Valerius had been robbed lately but little had actually been stolen. Finally he noted that there was indeed a love triangle between Camilla who had two suitors – Sven and Faendal.

Image result for skyrim orgnarI headed out to the Riverwood Trader where I came into the shop where Camilla and her brother Lucan were in an argument about something involving adventures and thief chasing. This was probably reference to this robbery they had just experienced.  Lucan apologized that I had to hear that and I simply talked to Camilla about the situation with her, Sven and Faendal.  I gave her Sven’s letter and told her it was Sven trying to trick her into thinking it was Faendal’s she was shocked at its contents and asked me to talk to Faendal.  She was sure he would want to thank me.

Looking back at it, I sided with Faendal because Sven is the typical blowhard I have come to despise. Arrogant, lazy and a racist to boot.  Faendal was interested in Camilla and not so much beating Sven at everything else.  I could however see why Faendal and Sven wanted Camilla, she was indeed a  young beautiful intelligent Imperial woman. Hey, I may be old but I am not dead.  I headed back to Faendal and he thanked me with gold and offered to follow me and watch my back.  Seeing I was certainly not ready to travel Skyrim alone, I accepted.

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The rest of the day was a of a day or preparation, training and work to build some coin. I put together a proper backpack at Alvor’s forge, chopped wood to make some money with Faendal all the while training me between activities to shoot a bow.  Yeah, I trained with the bow at this time and found my skills as an archer reviving from all the times I went hunting with my father. By the time the sun was set I was sore and ready for bed.  I also was ready to travel in the morning.  Faendal was my guide and backup.  I had also revived some skills.

I figured I would head out in the morning to see the Jarl of Whiterun. The whole situation of the robbery of the Riverwood Trader bothered me though.  I thought that I would talk to Lucan about it in the morning before I left.  I did some reading and then turned in renting a room at the Sleeping Giant.  The next morning is where I felt my real adventures would begin. I was right.


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