The Blacksmith’s Daughter (Skyrim Fan Fiction) – Part 5, Episode 7 – “Cultist Fury”

Journal of Anya Fire-Heart – Fredas, 26th of Hearthfire, 4th Era, Year 201

“Cultist Fury”

Today was a full day but I have arrived back at Lakeview Manor in good shape.  If I have any concerns it is these damn cultists who keep talking about Miraak being the true Dragonborn and then trying to kill me.  At least though I accomplished what  I set out to accomplish today.  I woke up in Iverstead and took my carriage to Windhelm. I was determined to accomplish two goals.  1) Finn”s Lute for the Bard’s College was said to be nearby in Stone Creek Cave and Ennodius Papius was nearby s well for my second target for the Dark Brotherhood.

I decided to head out toward the Lute first.  I wanted to have another ‘reason’ to be in Solitude if I need to go spy there again.  I headed south past Kynesgrove and then south through the edge of the volcanic Tundra. I saw another dragon circling Bonestrewn Crest.  I began to understand these dragons are going to occupy places that suit them.  I thought about going after the dragon but my meditations on dragons have caused me to see them as kin or family. I don’t go looking for fights with them although I would say Alduin and his supporters would be a fight I would engage in.

Image result for skyrim stone creek cave

I reached Stone Creek cave after a short journey through the Tundra.  I had to kill wolves, spiders and a bear along the way.  None of these, particularly the spiders, like my Flame Cloak.  Stone Creek’s entrance has water that you have to wade through.  Inside I found a group of bandits led by a mage.  One interesting thing is the cave must have been filled with an explosive gas because once my flame cloak touched it, it burned right into it. Killed at least one of the bandits with that.  I smashed through two more in the small cave.  Finally I found a small chamber where the leader was.  She fought me fire against fire but I prevailed and after searching the cave found Finn’s Lute in a chest.  Also in the chest was a beautiful set of Ebony Steel Armor. It was enchanted as we well, so I picked it up resolving to look at it more closely later.

Leaving the cave, I headed back to Windhelm I was confronted by three of these damn cultists. I fought them and killed them.  I am beginning to think Miraak has upped his game in trying to kill me.  That was further confirmed when I was nearing the bridge that led to Anga’s Mill where I was attacked by three more.  This is becoming more than a nuisance and I must do something. Miraak has definitely earned my fiery wrath.

Image result for skyrim ennodius papius

I found Ennodius Papius at a small camp north of the mill, I also heard a dragon and when I looked I could see it was Alduin circling up ahead.  I approached Papius and told him he was right to fear and then a couple of swipes or the Ebony Blade and his head left his shoulders.  I then turned my attention to Alduin. I headed further up the path ans saw Alduin circling a dragon mound.  Then I saw it again – Alduin resurrecting a dragon.  He then flew off but the new dragon remained and we battled.  He would circle then drop down.  The dragon’s problem was that he kept dividing his attacks between an Ice Wraith, a khajiit caravan and me.

The battle had one other particular problem in that this dragon was a fire breather as well.  My Fire Breath did little damage so I had to follow him and trying to coax him to battle.  Of all the dragon’s I have battled, he was the most cagey.  He would fight a short time and then take to the sky again. It took a little while to bring him down.  Once I did and felt his soul enter mine, I thought it was a great irony that Alduin had lost another one of his soldiers so quickly after resurrecting him.  The Dragon’s name had been Viinturuth, but his soul now burned within mine.

Image result for skyrim viinturuth

I headed back to Windhelm.  When I arrived I found my way to the blacksmith.  After unloading all the things I didn’t want I began to look at the Ebony Armor I had found. It had an enchantment I knew; one that reduced the magicka needed to cast destruction spells.  I improved it with an Ebony Ingot I had and it was even better.  I am wearing it right now and it has a much better fit than my Nordic Armor.  I am going to study it to learn how make Ebony Steel Armor for myself.  It is a powerful image I have in my head.  My form completely clad in Ebony Steel, ringed with fire an wielding the Ebony Blade.

After selling some other things to the other merchants, I told my carriage drive to take me back to Lakeview Manor.  We have arrived late but I have sorted out some things and found the pair of Ebony Boots to go with the Armor.  I improved them and the whole image is taking shape even more.  I will continue to smith with the aim of learning the secret of Ebony Steel.

Image result for skyrim ebony armor female

Tomorrow, I will head north.  I have a journey to complete.  I have some books to recover for the college near Whiterun, I have a mission I have too long-delayed for the Companions, and Beitild awaits my blade for the Brotherhood in Dawnstar. There are also rumors of a man starting a museum in Dawnstar as well as Pantea’s Flute near Dawnstar in Hob’s Fall Cave.  There is much to do and it starts with a journey to the north.

Next: Fellglow Keep


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