The Blacksmith’s Daughter (Skyrim Fan Fiction) – Part 5, Episode 6 – “Geirmund’s Hall”

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Journal of Anya Fire-Heart – Turdas, 25th of Hearthfire, 4th Era, Year 201

“Geirmund’s Hall”

This morning I left Lakeview manor with an eye to getting Barbas back his master Clavicus Vile.  I told my carriage drive to wait for me in Iverstead.  I found myself traveling through Helgen and to Haemar’s Shame once again. Once inside we made our way to the shrine and presented Vile the Axe. Lord Vile was pleased but then made a request of me that I promptly refused.  He wanted me to kill Barbas with the Axe.  Vile seemed disappointed but he took Barbas back.  Barbas for his part asked me to trust him and he didn’t disappoint.  Vile wanted to punish me for my lack of imagination but Barbas must have convinced him to give me a boon instead and the next thing I knew in my hand was a mask and the Axe was gone. More specifically the Masque of Clavicus Vile. I knew enough to know that when wearing it made one more charismatic.

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I headed out the back door and found myself standing alone near the entrance of Haemar’s Shame.  I checked my map and realized that being this close to Iverstead made it possible for me to kill two birds with one stone.  Narfi the beggar was in Iverstead and was a contract kill for the Dark Brotherhood.  Near Iverstead was Geirmund’s Hall he resting place of the last fragment of Gauldur’s Amulet.  It was still very early so I headed out.

I found Narfi wandering around his burnt up and collapsed house.  He still lived there sleeping on a mat and apparently doing nothing.  It made me wonder why someone would want him dead.  The issue for me is that why was not my concern.  The Black Sacrament had been performed and the contract sealed.  I spoke to Narfi and he was obviously insane an scared of something.  He however did not react as I watched him wander. Finally he picked up a pickaxe and began harvesting stone.  He back was to me and there was no way anyone would see the kill.  It took a single swipe of the Ebony Blade to dispatch him.

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I suppose this brings up the issue of what kind of assassin am I.  Well, I have killed enough that when my blade struck Narfi down I felt nothing.  He was a means to an end, nothing more. I actually have been thinking if I can make friends with these people before I kill them, it would please Mephala.  The more I read of Sithis and Mephala, I truly see the need for the Dark Brotherhood to return to their old ways.  Abandoning the Five Tenets may very well be the reason the Night Mother no longer speaks to a Listener.  I guess this means I am a traditionalist which would probably please Babette, Festus and Gabriella.  I also am not a sneak and stab assassin.  Nor do I have skill with a bow.  Like Festus and Arnbjorn I hit you straight in the face – sometimes with a spell, sometimes with a blade.

With Narfi dead, I turned my attention to Geirmund’s Hall which was a short walk away, the entrance being on a small island.  I headed inside and found myself confronted with a dilemma.  The cave seemed to go nowhere.  There was the body of an adventurer nearby who had died but his corpse offered no clue.  There was a hole in the floor with a significant drop but I could see water at the bottom.  I jumped and found myself in an underground pool and once I found a way to climb out near a door. What followed was a journey through traps, draugr and puzzles.  Eventually I found myself In the main chamber with Sigdis Gauldurson.  This last of the three brothers I had faced was difficult as he could make multiple copies of himself and he was a master of the Unrelenting Force shout.  He knocked me off my feet with it several times but I prevailed using a combination of Flame Cloak, Fire Breath and the Ebony Blade.

I found the lasts of the fragments around his neck.  There is only one stop of this particular quest and that is Reachwater Rock.  This is the resting place of Arch-Mage Gauldur.  It is my hope that there is some means in uniting the fragments within.  It is near Markarth and not to far from the Blade’s temple.  So perhaps I will delay this a little until I have other reasons to travel there.  Right now, I think the best course of action is to follow the string of Dark Brotherhood contracts and if along the way I can complete other tasks so much the better.

I am sitting in my room at Vilemyr Inn.  The Ebony Blade is across my lap.  I must make more of an effort to feed its power, but which ‘friends’ should I betray?  Perhaps it is easier if I broaden my definition of friend.  The one thing I do know is that if the Dark Brotherhood, Companions and other groups could be turned to help me in the War.  In the morning I will travel to Windhelm, my appointment with Ennodius Papius awaits.

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