The Blacksmith’s Daughter (Skyrim Fan Fiction) Part 5, Episode 5 – “The Break of Dawn”

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Journal of Anya Fire-Heart – Middas, 24th of Hearthfire, 4th Era, Year 201

“The Break of Dawn”

I must say something about this song I have now heard a few times called “The Dragonborn Comes”.  I am the Dragonborn, so it seems that this song which claims I will be the end of the evil of all Skyrim’s foes is a little overblown.  It also seems to be problematic since there is a guy named Miraak claiming to be the true Dragonborn. His cultists have tried to kill me three times. Twice today.  I am getting the feeling I might have to take a trip to Solstheim to resolve this.  There is just so much to do here in Skyrim.

We left Solitude this morning.  I had resolved to return the beacon of Meridia to Mount Kilkreath and then perhaps head out to retrieve the Rueful Axe from Rimerock Burrow.  Barbas seems anxious and I want to accelerate getting him back with his master.  That and he seems to be a ‘dirty dog’.  Has a nasty tendency to shove his nose in a place where dogs shouldn’t when he comes up behind me.  He also seems to bark whenever he feels like it. He has on more than one occasion alerted the enemy before I was ready.  We headed out but before I left I told my carriage driver to wait and Dragon Bridge.

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We arrived at Mount Kilkreath and I heard some chanting and looking around found a Word Wall right out in the open.  The Word was Elemental Fury an I unlocked it with a dragon soul.  I then ascended the steps to the statue of Meridia who had been speaking the entire time about the lack of faithfulness of mortals.  Once I reached the top I placed the beacon in the spot for it.  I found myself ascending into the sky.  Meridia was surrounded in light so intense it was all I could see.  Her instructions to me were clear.  Kill the Necromancer Malkoran and retrieve her artifact Dawnbreaker.  I agreed to do it and suddenly I fell back to the place on top of her shrine.

Barbas behind me, we entered the ruins and immediately my skin began to crawl.  I ran into the corpse of an imperial soldier and his body had been blackened by corruption.  The ruin itself was simple enough but I had to guide the beam of light provided by Meridia’s beacon through it.  I had to find pedestals and activate then which would redirect the beam and send it to the next pedestal.  Along the way we ran into what I will describe as Corrupted Shades.  They were ghosts but dark as night and much tougher than ghost I had run into before.  Thankfully they don’t seem to like fire and burn very nicely.  Over and over we found corrupted bodies as well.

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Once we had traveled all the way through, we found Malkoran in the last chamber surrounded by these Corrupted Shades. Barbas charged in and took out one but it was my Fire Breath and Fore Cloaks that destroyed most of them.  Malkoran himself proved difficult to kill and then once he was dead he turned into a corrupted Shade himself and we had to kill him a second time.  Finally he was dead and I took Dawnbreaker from its pedestal.

Dawnbreaker is a brightly shining sword that absolutely looks fantastic.  Its central hilt glowed with golden light.  As soon as I took the sword in hand I found myself transported back into the sky into Meridia’s presence.  I don’t think she said thank you and practically assumed that I would follow her instructions.  More of ‘its about time’ and then she charged me with taking the sword and destroying corruption with it in her name.  I like the sword but honestly its a one-handed weapon so it is really not my style of fighting, and Meridia has a bad attitude, so maybe I will and maybe I won’t.  I found myself back on the ground in front of her statue.

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Barbas and I journeyed to Rimerock Cavern.  Once inside it didn’t take long for us it find Sebastian Lort and once he and his pet Flame Atronach were killed I found the Rueful Axe on an altar.  It seems to be an interesting but clumsy weapon. It does not swing near the speed of the Ebony Blade.  I thought about retrieving the Shalidor Writings from Northwatch Keep but I felt the climb down and back would take too much time.  Perhaps another time when I already down there along the coast.  We headed back to Dragon Bridge.

My carriage driver was waiting as instructed and so I ordered him to take us back to Lakeview Manor.  We arrived late but I am in good spirits.  I now only need to get back to Haemar’s Shame and then Barbas will be reunited with Vile.  I have certainly benefited from his presence, but he is as I say, problematic as a companion.  Then again I have said that about a lot of companions, so perhaps I am simply meant to walk alone.

Next: Geirmund’s Hall


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