Commentary – The Ethics of Putting Me in Skyrim (Part 1)

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I have engaged my slowdown.  Mostly, I have pastor stuff that piled up and I have my independent study to finish. My self-imposed deadline for the later is Saturday. I don’t want that hanging over me while I am on vacation from the 3rd to the 16th. That said my two Skyrim Fan Fictions will be going forward back and forth each day.

One of the issues with my second fan fiction was placing myself in Skyrim involves ethical choices that reflect role play. It sound easy to play yourself but then again it is Skyrim so the ethical choices can be extreme. I had to even consider some in coming up with my background as a person who was actually born in Skyrim.

I have only had one wife for 28 years in the real world but in the Skyrim background I have two.  This reflected the fact that had my wife lived in Skyrim she would have died in childbirth as my first child required surgery and other things to come into this world.  So my real world wife gets split into two for the purposes of reflecting what would have happened in Skyrim.  Both die, because there is no way I would flee to Skyrim if my wife was still alive without taking her. The story of the game allows for marriage after entering Skyrim but not taking a spouse into it with you so this was necessary.

I still get three children but I have to leave them behind as well.  The only way I would leave them behind and break contact is if by so doing it kept them safe.  Family is very important to me so unless I was separating to protect them, I am fairly sure I would still keep in contact.  If I had to enter the witness protection program, I hope they would understand that I can’t talk to them but still love them.

My career was a different matter as the way you start careers in the real world and Skyrim are going to be different. The medieval world believed in the master-apprentice system where a master would pass on their trade to an apprentice(s); usually family but not always.  There were a couple of exceptions.  Younger siblings might have to leave family to find an apprenticeship elsewhere or if male one could join the army or priesthood.  Thing is in Skyrim, priesthood does not imply celibacy, so the priesthood is still good for me but the idea of apprenticeship means you become an acolyte and learn the trade.  The priests and monks are usually the scholars as well, so this was not a problem for my education level.  Just make me a priest that reads a lot and teaches.

The real problem is translating Christianity into Skyrim terms.  The closest fit is Talos as he is the man become God whereas Christian theology had God becoming man in Jesus. There are also aspects of the Divines that are obviously inspired by Christianity.  Mara equates to Mary. Kynareth as the Holy Spirit, Akatosh and Stendarr definitely fit the bill of the Father. The other Divines reflect some of the Saints.  Dibella is a little problematic.  The issue is of course there are vast differences between Monotheism and Polytheism.  We will see if these develops in the story.  Perhaps Evard will develop a whole new theology of the divines…and be branded a heretic.  Maybe.

I am pretty sure I will do these ethical consideration posts from time to time as the story unfolds.

Thanks for reading.


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