The Blacksmith’s Daughter (Skyrim Fan Fiction) – Part 5, Episode 3 – Haemar’s Shame

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Journal of Anya Fire-Heart – Morndas, 22nd of Hearthfire, 4th Era, Year 201

“Haemar’s Shame”

This morning I began the trek to Haemar’s Shame.  If the daedric dog Barbas was there like he said he was going to be then I would see what it was he wanted.  In any case, there was a book Urag wanted in the cave as well.  The road would take me up through Helgen and then through the mountains to Haemar’s Shame.

Since Helgen’s destruction, the place has become a haven for bandits.  I mean they often find it is a place to rest or set up camp.  Helgen now attracts bandits like a flame attracts moths.  This being the case I always find something when I pass through here and have to kill them.  This time was no exception and I killed the three that got in my way.  As I headed out of Helgen and neared the Stormcloak camp I found the site of an ambush.  It had been a khajiit caravan and all of them had been slaughtered leaving their two carts and two dead horses.

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As I approached the cry of bandits went up.  It was a trap but they trapped more than they bargained for.  I killed all four of them and then looted them and the caravan.  I continued on to Haemar’s Shame. Barbas was waiting outside and after talking to him he told me the nature of his problem was that his master had banished him and he needed someone to reconcile them.  The moment he said Vile I knew who I was dealing with – Clavicus Vile. I took a breath and agreed to help but took seriously Barbas’ advice not to trust any deal he made with me.

Haemar’s shame was Vampire infested with the thralls as backup.  There was a Frostbite Spider in their as well.  All of these have a particular weakness – fire.  Between my Flame Cloak and a few well place Fire Runes and Firebolts they whole lot of them melted before me.  I looted and plundered my way through and in the end found a statue of the Daedric Lord.

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It was shall I say an interesting conversation.  When I asked a boon of him, he said sure seeing I had helped him fulfill the request of the last worshipers – they wanted to be free of vampirism- he would be happy to grant a boon. By killing them all I had granted their wish. When I asked for him and Barbas to be reunited, he at first said no deal, but then he seemed to realize his situation and offered to reconcile if I recovered a very powerful axe that was in Rimerock Burrow.  I asked Barbas about this and he said it was one of Clavicus’ little jests. Sebastian Lort had a daughter who was a werewolf.  He couldn’t take seeing his daughter turn into a beast so he had asked Lord Vile to cure her.  Vile gave him an axe.

I found the book Urag was looking for and put it in my pack and then went back through Haemar’s Shame to make sure I hadn’t missed anything. Rimerock Burrow is on the other side of Skyrim near Northwatch Keep.  This is going to require a lengthy journey.  I suppose along the way I can ask Barbas to help me with some other jobs that need doing.  Then of course is the journey back.

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As we headed back to Lakeview Manor and reached the site of the ambushed caravan, three more bandits attacked us.  With Barbas’ help they were dispatched very quickly.  At Lakeview, I sorted out the stuff I wanted to store there and then packed up for my journey tomorrow.  I will have to sit down and decide where I want to go.  As much as I would like to help Barbas directly, he could be very helpful along my journey.  I will sleep on it.

Next: Sunderstone Gorge


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