The Blacksmith’s Daughter (Skyrim Fan Fiction) – Part 5, Episode 2 – Halldir’s Cairn

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Journal of Anya Fire-Heart – Sundas, 21st of Hearthfire, 4th Era, Year 201

‘Halldir’s Cairn’

I started this morning by heading to Falkreath.  I was intent on getting some final business done and then heading on to Halldir’s Cairn where the bard Rjorn was last said to have descended taking his drum with him.  Because he never came out, it was highly likely that Rjorn’s Drum was still there.  What is known about Halldir is scattered but it was said he was a powerful mage so I am thinking a powerful draugr may be waiting for me.

In Falkreath I told Lod the dog he wanted wasn’t worth it and he had just paid me for my trouble anyway when I heard the familiar beat of dragon’s wings and a few moments later a roar that echoed across the valley confirmed this.  I activated mt Flame Cloak and when the Blood Dragon landed on a building I let him have a couple of Fireballs.  The guards’ of Falkreath aim with their bows was true. Eventually the Dragon landed right in front of me and the Ebony Blade did its work.  The dragon’s soul entered me and I used it to understand how to use the first Word of a Shout I had found in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary – Marked for Death.

Image result for zaria grave concoctionsI concluded my business in Falkreath which included a trip to the apothecary.  Zaria, a Redguard, runs the place. Her shop’s name is Grave Concoctions which as she points out fits the theme of the town given Falkreath’s only real claim to fame is its graveyard which is the largest in Skyrim.  The inn is Dead Man’s drink, the farm Corpselight Farm, etc. She called it a running joke. In any case I was able to get rid of some potions and such by selling them to her and then found my way to Halldir’s Cairn.

At the entrance there wasn’t much but once I got inside I realized something very sinister was going on.  There was a cairn of rocks on a raise part of the cavern inside.  It was shooting a beam of magical energy upward.  Around he rocks were three dead bandits. They could not have been dead for more than a day or two.   I found a journal and a key on a pedestal nearby.  As I read the journal my suspicions of something sinister were confirmed.  It was the journal of one of the bandits.  It chronicled the last few days where the three of them had struck out on their own leaving the Knifepoint Ridge gang.  Slowly however all of them succumbed to a voice they heard and then in an act that defies reason jumped and killed themselves on the cairn.  There was no description of the cairn glowing like it was in the journal, so it must have happened afterwords.  They had probably given the wizard more power or actually awakened him.Image result for skyrim halldir

I took the key and unlocked the first door.  Halldir’s Cairn is not large but it was filled with ghosts and draugr.  Luckily for me neither does well against flame.  There were also puzzle traps and a few other traps so I had to keep on my toes.  In the end though I found myself going down a long tunnel and into a larger chamber.  There were ritual candles set up in each corner but Halldir was standing in the middle.

I activated my Flame Cloak and after letting a Fireball go, I draw my blade.  At first I thought this was going to be an easy fight, then all of a sudden he disappeared and then three different Halldir copies appeared in different places in the room.  Each one was using a different element of Destruction magic – Fire, Cold and Shock.  I killed each one of them but I had to work the most against fire as it required the Ebony blade to do most of the work.  My Flame Cloak simply did not affect it.  Once all three were destroyed a unified Halldir appeared in the middle again but he was weakened and I struck him down with only a few blows.

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I found Rjorn’s Drum in the corner in a chest.  It had the look of being ancient and weathered. Given how many famous battles it has been in that is not surprising. I found my way out and in the first cavern the cairn of rocks was no longer glowing and sending a beam of magical energy upward.  It was silent as well.

I headed back to Falkreath and sold the things I had found that I didn’t want.  I then returned to Lakeview Manor where I stored some of the things away and put a few like Halldir’s staff on display.  In the morning I will head to Haemar’s Shame.  Barbas will be glad to see me and I am also hoping the book Urag wanted is truly in there.  Once I am done with that I will have to return to Lakeview Manor and plan my next move.

Next: Haemar’s Shame


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