The Blacksmith’s Daughter (Skyrim Fan Fiction) – Part 5, Episode 1 – ‘Building and Planning’

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Journal of Anya Fire-Heart – Loredas, 20th of Hearthfire, 4th Era, Year 201

‘Building and Planning’

It has been five days since my last entry.  There are some notes to be made at this time

I spent the first two days of the five, moving everything from Breezehome to Lakeview Manor.  I was made easier due to having a personal carriage to load up and transfer everything.  That said, I did some pre-sorting so things wouldn’t be completely crazy when I had to sort things later.

During this time and the next three days I spent my time building Lakeview Manor both outside and in. Thanks to Rayya I had access to lumber and a team of workers.  I still did all the smithing work as far as making locks, hinges, fittings and nails.  I chose to add a library, bedrooms and a trophy room to the main hall.  I see this as my main residence even if I buy other houses and someday I may adopt children.  I don’t see myself right now or any time in the future getting married.
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I do form time to time feel guilty about not knowing where the children from the village ended up.  I am not sure tracking them down would be beneficial.  Some of them might have found good homes others rotten ones.  Perhaps, I can make up for this by finding a couple of children (girls probably) and adopting them. Constance Michal put out a pamphlet about considering adoption, so I think this might be a possibility.  I think one of the children at Honorhall was a girl. The issue of what my personal family is and will be is complicated.  I would like another adult in charge of the children while I am out but I don’t think I can ever have a relationship with a man that anyone would consider loving.  I will think on it. At least with the added bedroom, it will be easy to have a family should I choose to have one.

My collection of books now has an actual library for a home.  The round tower also offers a watchtower view over the manor as a whole.  My library of books has almost filled the upper floor but there is still plenty of room for more. I think my father and mother would have loved it.  The advantage is that now everything is in one place and I can see what I have quickly.

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The Trophy Room is simple enough but it will allow me to remember what I have conquered.  I am not an ego driven person but I do like to remember where I have come from and what I have overcome.  The trophies there will help me do that.

The Manor is actually not to far from the Shrine of Talos I first discovered after leaving Helgen.  The one that had several dead bodies that I burned.  I have my own shire to the Nine in the basement along with my forge.  The fact is there is only a few things to finish so other than doing business, there is little I cannot do here as far as work, particular smithing as storage.  Rayya as steward and my carriage driver give me resources and opportunities I never had before.  I might add a bard just for entertainment.

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At least I would but I need to get my funds back in order. This project had drained them almost dry.  In need more septims and that means going off back into the world and plundering.  The stock in trade of being an adventurer is to go places most won’t and plunder and loot.  I actually have come to enjoy it.

I feel my first move should be to handle a few things left in Falkreath Hold.  In Halldir’s Cairn, Rjorn’s Drum is said to rest.  The talking dog Barbas asked me to help him at Haemar’s Shame.  Incidentally Urag from the College said this was the location for a book he was looking for which gives me and additional reason to go there.  In some places in Falkreath you can hear the roar of dragons. I need to visit the Jarl ad see what is going on.  In the morning, I will head his direction and then go from there.

Next: Halldir’s Cairn


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