Evard Raven-Blood (Skyrim Fan Fiction) – Introduction (Putting Me in Skyrim)

The other Skyrim Fan Fiction I want to work on involves a concept of “What if I lived in Skyrim?”  The real trick here is to figure out how this can be done.

The first question is: was I born in Tamriel or did I fall though a wormhole and find myself there? The first means writing a back story that reflects what your life would have been had you been born in Skyrim instead of Earth.   The second means that my background stays the same but what then does that mean as I discover and translate my life in a new word.

The second question is one of skills.  To what Skyrim Skills does my real life talents and skills translate? This can be complicated and simple.  I mean for me Speech Skill is obvious as it covers political knowledge, economics knowledge and speaking.  But others might be difficult.  Does my role as pastor translate into restoration and alteration spells?  Priest skills in Skyrim.  Does my ability to shoot a gun translate into archery? Not truly as the skill set for shooting a gun and bow are different.

Weapon skills become problematic at best as most of us don’t deal in swords and shields anymore.  One suggestion I received was to make weapon skills related to personality instead of actual skills.  In that case, I might me a sword and shield guy.  I believe in verbal sparing and being both defensive and offensive at times. in that.

Role play questions though are easier as it comes down to: what decisions would I actually make?  That said a fantasy world like Skyrim will put you into situations you would not normally face so what then?  Traits and hobbies can be reflected easily enough.

Given these questions I decided to go with the following:

1) I am going to create someone who was born in Skyrim.  From a faith standpoint this makes more sense.  My life as a Christian might translate into Talos but the divines all in some way represent aspects of Christian theology.  Someone who is already a faithful follower of the divines because they grew up with them makes more sense.  It also allows for more writing creativity.

2) Skills: Speech, Restoration, Alteration.  One handed, Blocking.  The first three come right from my day-to-day skills as a pastor and a student of politics and economics.  The second two from my personality.

3) Make decisions as I would with the highest values on freedom, life and doing the most good I can where I am.   In Skyrim I can see my hobbies might include book collecting, real estate and politics.

That said: Evard Raven-Blood (alter ego); Nord. Male. Priest of the Divines (including Talos); Out of necessity has taken up the shield and sword and translated to being an adventurer.  The rest will wait until his first story posts.

The question though is what point of view do I write this from. Journal writing for me is not so good.  I might have First person but in a different way than a journal.

Thanks for reading, Enjoy.


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