Commentary: Long Walks, Skyrim and Slowing Down a Bit

I have been really inspired by the Blacksmith’s Daughter Project.  Between doing the build on Tamriel Vault and writing the Fan Fiction I have found something that works for me.  That said I have to probably slow down a bit and work on other projects.  I am considering another joint venture (Tamriel Vault and Blog) using Skyrim as I write this.  I also have some other projects I started on this blog and I want to continue to work on them.

There is always an issue of quality when you get on a roll like this and I have noticed that I enjoy my earlier stuff with the Blacksmith’s Daughter more than later.  I think I am rushing more as I go along.  I need to work on the project but I perhaps need to calm down a little so the writing quality goes up a little.  I think perhaps having a second Skyrim Fan Fiction with another character would help as I have to think more about what to write and by limiting myself to one Skyrim Post as day.  If I throw a post in their now and then that has nothing to do with Skyrim then I can be completely creative from time to time.

There is also the issue of my life going on with my other interests and activities.  I have dedicated the summer to lifting weights and walking. I also have an independent study to finish for school and in a couple of weeks my wife and I are on vacation.  I may or may not take my computer with me.  Heading to Mackinac City for vacation, so two historic forts are present, so that might keep me busy.

In any case, I hope to produce some other things and improve quality.  This is after all the The Beagle and The Courtesan.  The very name suggests variety.


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