The Blacksmith’s Daughter (Skyrim Fan Fiction) – Part 4, Episode 9 – ‘Folgunthur’

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Journal of Anya Fire-Heart – Sundas, 14th of Hearthfire, 4th Era, Year 201


I am sitting in my room at Dead Man’s Drink in Falkreath.  It is late at night and I have had a good meal but I am tired.  That said much has happened since my last entry very early this morning.  I was definitely taken off my plans for today and now I have concluded that Septimus Signus will have to wait a little.  I went to sleep easy enough in my room at the College of Winterhold but when I woke up an hour later, I was inside a shack in the swamps between Solitude and Morthal.  A woman was sitting atop a bookcase dressed in the armor of the Dark Brotherhood.

She introduced herself as Astrid.  When I asked her where I was, she said it didn’t matter as I was warm, dry and alive unlike Grelod the Kind.  When I inquired how she knew that, she told me half of Skyrim knew, but she wasn’t criticizing, to her it was a good kill, the only problem is that the contract had belonged to the Dark Brotherhood.  I need to kill someone else for them to balance the scales.  Oddly enough this makes sense to me and the fact that she wasn’t trying to kill me suggested something else was up.  She told me that there were three people behind me and that I should kill one of them as they had a contract on their life.

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I suppose I made a difficult decision at that moment.  In the end, I wanted the Dark Brotherhood as allies.  I knew their power could be helpful against the Empire.  That said I wasn’t prepared to make a choice of whom to kill.  The khajiit Vasha was a clear criminal scumbag, but he told me that he receives threats and attempts on his life regularly. The woman wouldn’t tell me her name but indicted that she was, by her own admission, a complete bitch.  Finally, their was Fultheim who was a mercenary who had been selling his sword for years.  Yeah, these are all people someone might perform the Black Sacrament for to have killed.

“Kill them all!”

Mephala has not spoken to me in a while and her voice startled me.  I drew the Ebony Blade and killed them all. Astrid laughed and told me that I was an overachiever.  She then invited me to join her Family, the Dark Brotherhood.  I could find their Sanctuary in Falkreath.  She gave me the key to get out of the shack.  I was still tired, so I fell in the bed that I had been sleeping in and woke up later that morning.  I left the shack and checked my map.  I realized that I was very close to Folgunthur.  Folgunthur was significant for me for two reasons – 1) It was one of the resting places for one of the Gauldur Amulet fragments.  I had one of them and needed the other two.  2) The mysterious ‘friend; who sent me a note said that the Dragonborn could access a power there.

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My plans were already disrupted but I was determined not to make this day a total loss. Folgunthur would be explored today.  I had to kill a couple of spiders but eventually found a camp and in it the journal of Daynas Valen which told of finding the Ivory Dragon Claw and linking it to the Lost Legend of Gauldur Amulet fragments.  He had journeyed from Cyrodiil to Skyrim to follow up on the legend bringing the Ivory Claw with him.

I entered the Tomb and discovered the expedition had run into trouble right away.  They fought through some draugr but both the adventurers Daynas had brought with him were dead.  He had solved the first puzzle to get through the gate. Inside was a chamber with more draugr both still active and dead.  It was the first time I used my Flame Cloak spell and it definitely works wonders on draugr. I found Daynas near a bridge that was still raised dead.  He had been killed by three draugr.  I found some notes and the ivory Claw on his body.  The note indicated where the other two fragments were Saarthal and Geirmund’s Hall,  I already had the one from Saarthal so only the one here in Folgunthur and the Hall remained. I used the Claw to drop the bridge.

The rest of the Tomb was a series of draugr fights, puzzle traps and a couple of spiders.  In the end I stood in a great hall with pillars and a central coffin.  As I approached the coffin it sprang open.  I am getting used to this in these ruins.  The draugr of Mikrul Gauldurson was a tough fighter and I was glad all the Thralls he called to him were taken care of by my Flame cloak.  Mikrul himself was destroyed by a combination of Cloak, Ebony Blade and  couple of well-timed Fire Breath shouts.  I took his blade which appeared to be very unique.

I found my way through the gate to the back of the cavern where I found a chest of loot and the Word Wall – I learned the second Word for Frost Breath, but I didn’t use a dragon soul to understand how to use it.  It could be said learning a word requires knowledge and wisdom.  The knowledge comes from the Word Walls; The Wisdom comes from the Dragon Souls.

I found my way back out the Tomb back into the daylight by the camp.  I made a decision to head to Meeko’s Shack once again to check if he had returned.  On the way I ran into more spiders but I also went aside to see the Apprentice Standing Stone although I did not touch it.  At the shack I still didn’t see any sign of Meeko so I headed to Dragon Bridge and then up to Solitude where I caught a carriage to Falkreath.    Image result for skyrim falkreath

Why Falkreath? Well there are many reasons.  1) Since the Stormcloak victory, I have felt that it was now safe to talk to the Jarl who would now be a Ulfric appointed Jarl. 2) The Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary is here as well as the last known location of Rjorn’s Drum.  3)  If under the new Jarl the offer of property still held, I wanted to pursue it.  It is high time I was able to build another home more to my liking as I now had many things to store and protect. Breezehome was simply inadequate particularly for my books.

As I arrived a guard spoke to me about a dog on the road.  I told him I hadn’t seen a dog only wolves.  He told me the blacksmith had offered a reward for the dog.  I will look into that as well tomorrow.  It has been an interesting day and I have a lot to do in Falkreath. Now, however it is time for bed.

Next: With Friends Like These…



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