The Blacksmith’s Daughter (Skyrim Fan Fiction) – Part 4, Episode 7 – ‘The Liberation of Falkreath’

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Journal of Anya Fire-Heart – Fredas, 12th of Hearthfire, 4th Era, Year 201

‘The Liberation of Falkreath’

When I awoke this morning in Iverstead, I knew that I would have no excuse as I returned to Whiterun not to stop at the Stormcloak Camp in Falkreath and lend a hand in the holds liberation.  As it turned out it only involved one real battle and it took less than a couple of hours.  Galmar Stone-Fist simply recognized the only fort that was keeping our army from controlling Falkreath – Fort Neugrad.

My mission was simple enough.  Gather with the Stormcloaks that were already there, find a way in, destroy the enemy troops and then occupy the fort ourselves.  Strategically this would make all Imperial forces if Falkreath have to withdraw ass there were no good defensible positions unto you got to Falkreath’s border with The Reach.  I journeyed to the rally point and found that Ralof was in command.  We greeted one another and then he told me their was a cave entrance under the surface of the lake into the fort.  He wanted me to enter it, free the Stormcloak prisoners and then attack from within. I am no stealth person but I found my way around to a small dock, downed a water breathing potion and jumped in the lake all without being seen.

I found the cave and made my way inside.  Sure enough it was a back entrance to the fort.  Probably where they got their water.  I surfaced and dried off the best I could.  I then made my way into the prison and after dispatching the few guards, freed the prisoners.  I talked to them and told them the plan.  They grinned as some of them has some scores to settle.  We burst out of the prison into the upper fort taking the guards by complete surprise.  We had killed them all before Ralof and his men even had arrived.  Ralof told all the men to hold the forts battlements while he and I crashed our way into the main keep.

The element of surprise had been total as some of the guard we found in the keep were still eating.  We went though the fort cutting down every Imperial we saw ending with the Fort Commander. I found a missive in his quarters which had him begging for more men and supplies and complaining of poor morale.  I plundered the Fort and then headed back to the Stormcloak camp.  The report I got when I arrived was that word of our victory had reached the Imperials and all of their troops had withdrawn heading to the Reach. Falkreath was ours! It took a mere two hours from the time I arrived to the time the Stormcloak banner was flying over the fort.  I am beginning to wonder who is more spread thin?  Perhaps the Empire?

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I met Ralof on my way to Riverwood and we talked for a bit. I don’t think he sees me as anything more than a comrade. He teases my like I used to see bothers tease their sisters in the village.  I don’t think he is romantically interested in me but he respects me and that I can respect in return. I headed back to Whiterun, and after doing a little business and smithing ( I finished the Carved Nordic gauntlets and boots I designed), I took the carriage to Windhelm.  I made my report to Ulfric and he told me that the men were calling me Bone-Breaker.  He then said if I wished, I could purchase a house in the city.  I am not interested as of yet, maybe after the war.  I told him I think our strategy should change.  We should attack and not be so defensive.  He seemed to ponder this but gave no answer.  Our next target is the Reach.

I took some time out to visit the Jarl’s wizard Wuunferth the Unliving. He helped me with my destruction magic and he was very helpful although a little creepy.  As I left the Palace of the Kings, I decided to visit Aventus Aretino.  I informed him that I had killed Grelod the Kind and he in turned gave me a silver platter that he said was valuable.  I didn’t real care about that; I now knew he could return to Honorhall and maybe find a family.  I left his house and found my way to Candlehearth to stay for the night.

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I can only say that perhaps the situation in Skyrim is less grim for the Stormcloaks than we thought.  With Falkreath in our hands, the Empire’s land routes to Markarth and Solitude are cut off.  Everything will have to be shipped by sea directly or through Daggerfall.  In any case our quick victory had risen morale and I can imagine it is discouraging to the Imperial troops.  All in all, a good day.

My plans for tomorrow are to head to Winterhold and the College.  I need to find the Elder Scroll that I need to learn the Dragonrend Shout.  I also will be passing by the Shrine of Azura so I may want to see it.  After that we will see but now that Falkreath is in our hands, I may want to accept the invitation to see the Jarl of Falkreath. Now it is time for sleep, however.

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