The Blacksmith’s Daughter (Skyrim Fan Fiction) – Part 4, Episode 5 – ‘Alduin’s Wall’

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Journal of Anya Fire-Heart – Tirdas, 9th of Hearthfire, 4th Era, Year 201

“Alduin’s Wall”

AS predicted, this is the second entry for today, It has been a full one of smithing, travel and battle.  It has ended with me sitting in Sky Haven Temple with a bed a few feet away calling my name but I am compelled to record what has happened today.

As I said I started the day completing some armor and a helmet to go with it.  The Carved Nordic Armor looks more like a bear fitting a Stormcloak better.  I also think the layered approach to the armor using steel, quicksilver and ebony gives a stronger steel and it will definitely protect me better.  I only had two ebony ingots so I couldn’t make the gauntlets or boots but the Wolf Armor’s boots and glove will do for now.  I have been thinking about how to combine and improve this process with magic and I think I finally have the insight as to how I could pull it off.

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Once I had prepared myself I took the carriage to Markarth although once I arrived I never actually went inside the city.  It was just turning dark and I figured (rightly) that Delphine and Esbern were waiting for me near Karthspire.  I headed east along the road and it didn’t take long to arrive at the double bridge that leads to Karthspire.  This of course is when another Blood Dragon attacked me.  There was an Imperial patrol nearby that unleashed with their arrows as well, so the dragon attacked them and they were crushed but it gave me time to shoot Fire Bolt spells into it.  I then tried to draw it away across the double bridge.

My hope was that Esbern and Delphine were there and could help me with the dragon.  I was right and the dragon began to take a beating from all three of us.  The problem was the Forsworn who were at Karthspire joined in both against the dragon and us.  It was chaos and confusion but in the end I found myself standing over the body of the Blood Dragon absorbing its soul and after that we plundered the Forsworn camp.

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Once we got into the Karthspire cave we found a few more Forsworn but then things became different. Akaviri symbols and traps appeared as we went further in, most of them were simple enough to beat.  The final test though was the Blood Seal.  Only the blood of a Dragonborn could open it.  I cut my hand and the face that was staring at me opened upward as it dripped onto the seal and let us in to Sky Haven Temple.

The Temple was actually very large with several passageways and rooms.  The main feature was Alduin’s Wall which dominated the central chamber.  It was a large carved mural that depicted all that the Akaviri new of Alduin, his defeat and his return.  Esbern was giddy as he explained each part and then the key issue presented itself.  Alduin was apparently defeated by a shout.  Which shout and what it did is still unknown.  It is strange though because now I am left with a journey I have been meaning to take to the Greybeards.  Now I have a couple of reasons to do so.  The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller still sits in my backpack and now to ask what this shout was.

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Delphine would have liked not to deal with them.  Her opinion of them is that they are afraid of power and in particular the power of the Dragonborn.  I have to agree. Their philosophy, while beautiful, does not address problems.  She’s right.  If they had their way I would be meditating on that mountain of theirs and not doing anything to actually help.  The nature of shouts seems to escape them as many of them are destructive and the one’s that are not are very dynamic in their overcoming of problems.  Shouts don’t just call up images of worship like they say, they change and touch the world at the will of the user. I assured Delphine that I was not fearful of my power.  She was glad but at the same time, she knew we needed the Greybeards help.  Looks like another trip up the 7000 steps.

One final entry before I turn in.  The issue of the Blades is now before me.  I can tell Delphine wants them rebuilt and I agree Sky Haven Temple is the perfect hideout and base to do this.  My issue is that they understand they serve me. As much as Delphine fears the Greybeards might influence me, I am fairly sure that the Greybeards have similar concerns about the Blades. I must assure both of them I work for what is best and that both of these groups serve me.

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