The Blacksmith’s Daughter (Skyrim Fan Fiction) Part 4, Episode 4 – ‘A Cornered Rat’

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Journal of Anya Fire-Heart – Tirdas, 9th of Hearthfire, 4th Era, Year 201

‘A Cornered Rat’

Normally I write this journal at night,but yesterday was a long day and what happened during it I need to record.  So I am writing this on the morning of the 9th of Hearthfire. I may yet journal again tonight but this is to make up for the fact I was so fatigued last night, I just collapsed in my bed here at the Sleeping Giant.

Yesterday I woke up in the Bee and Barb, ate breakfast and headed directly to the Ratway.  It took me no time at all to kill the four low lifes in its tunnels.  I found my way to the Ragged Flagon and found Brynjolf, he seemed pleased to see me and offered a permanent place in the Thieves Guild if I could do some collection work.  I smiled, asked about the targets and went back to the marketplace.  I collected all three debts with a little intimidation and was back in the Ragged Flagon in less than an hour. Brynjolf was pleased and brought me to the Guildmaster Mercer Frey.

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My main motivation I joining the Thieves guild was access to their resources particularly information. That said they had other resources I wanted as well.  Thieves go a lot of places normal people don’t go.  Mercer Frey however, I disliked immediately.  The Guildmaster had to have some sort of pecking order contest with me and then gave me an assignment that I could tell from the tone in his voice he wanted me to fail.  After getting all the information about the job from Brynjolf – Goldenglow Estate.  The guild wanted me to destroy three bee hives and recover information about why the guy in charge suddenly stopped shipping honey to Maven Black-Briar.  It will have to wait, I have bigger things to address first, like dragons.

I was then given my Guild armor (it will lend up stored, I have little use for light armor)  and talked to Vex at last, who told me the gem was part of the Crown of Barenziah.  There were actually twenty four of these gems and the only way she would be interested if I had them all.  I talked to Delvin Malory and found the face sculptor.  I asked her if she could remove the scar on my cheek.  She told me she could do much more than that, she could remake my face.  I told her that wasn’t necessary and I let her remove the scar.  I was back to my original face.  I then went deeper into the Ratway to find Esbern.

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Almost immediately I encountered the Thalmor and realized that Esbern was in danger.  I fought my way through them and found Esbern behind a door locked with so many locks it took him nearly a minute to open once I told him about Delphine.  He invited me into his hole that wasn’t that bad. He however was convinced that the world was about to end because of Alduin.  He had no hope because in order to stop Alduin the world needed a Dragonborn.  Then I told him I was Dragonborn and his disposition changed completely.  We needed to get to Delphine according to him and then we could plan our next move.

We had to fight our way out.  Turns out Esbern is a damn good conjurer.  We found our way back to the surface though the Ragged Flagon and then took a carriage to Whiterun.  It was getting late when we arrived in Whiterun and then we decided to still make our way to Riverwood.  Right as we hit the bridge leading into Riverwood, a dragon attacked.  We had been talking about dragons on our trip to Whiterun on the carriage.  I had been relating some of my encounters with dragons and Esbern had been telling me what type of dragons they were.  In this case once it got close enough, I knew it was a Blood Dragon like the one I had fought outside Dead Man’s Respite.  It was smart as it stayed in the air or landed on buildings for a long time.  Only after a long while did it land on the ground and face my sword as my Fire Breath and Fire Bolt Spells finally brought it to the ground.  My Ebony Blade finished it off.  I now had two dragon souls and only one word to learn, so I unlocked the secret of the second word of Whirlwind Sprint.

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There was a reunion between Esbern and Delphine and then we headed to the secret room under  the Sleeping Giant. Esbern began to explain that the secret of defeating Alduin was to find Alduin’s Wall in Sky Haven Temple.  Delphine knew this was near what is now called Karthspire.  I told her that she and Esbern could go there and wait for me, I wanted to split up in case we were being watched and followed. Delphine said a goodbye to Orgnar giving him the inn.  I rented a room and collapsed into it.

I woke this morning knowing that things were going to get harder before they got better.  At least, I feel rested now.

Next: Alduin’s Wall




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