The Blacksmith’s Daughter (Skyrim Fan Fiction) – Part 3, Episode 6 – “Joining the Stormcloaks”

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Journal of Anya Fire-Heart – Sundas, 31st of Last Seed, 4th Era, Year 201

‘Joining the Stormcloaks’

I had come to Skyrim over two weeks ago with the intention of joining the Stormcloaks.  Finally it has happened. Right now, I am sitting in front of the central fire in Breezehome getting ready to get some sleep for tomorrow’s mission which will involve heading into another tomb to see if the Jagged Crown really resides there.  Today however was the test to see if I was truly dedicated to the cause.

After speaking with Ulfric Stormcloak and his right hand Galmar Stone-Fist, I was given the task of travelling to Serpent Stone Island to kill an Ice Wraith.  It wasn’t just about my ability but it was about testing my commitment. For future understanding the island is out in the Sea of Ghosts in the middle of the ice fields.  The journey was going to be more dangerous than the foe on the island.  I have already killed a few Ice Wraiths and it isn’t that hard for me because they don’t do well against fire.

I made a trip to the market where I did some smithing and enchanting to prepare.  I ran into the smith War-Anvil who while he respected Eorland he felt it was the Skyforge that made Eorland not the other way around.  I am enough of a smith to know that this is only true in part.  Eorland could use a regular forge and he would still be considered the best simply because of his long experience.  The one thing I have seen so far in all the smiths in Skyrim other than Eorland is an expression of limitation or frustration.  I have never heard these things from Eorland.  I think he would consider such things excuses.  My father was the same way and it is what made both of them great.  Learn your craft; don’t bitch about what you can’t do or don’t have.

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I left the market and made one more side trip before I left Windhelm to see this Aventus Aretino.  Turns out the rumors were true.  He was doing the Black Sacrament but he wasn’t doing it about me but the headmistress of the Honorhall Orphanage who he said was an evil woman.  He wanted her dead.  If I was going to find the Dark Brotherhood and find out why the Black Sacrament was performed for me, this looks like a dead-end.  Aventus, despite my best efforts, thinks I am from the Dark Brotherhood and gave me the contract.

I headed out of Windhelm and began the journey to Winterhold.  From there it would be a short journey to Serpent Stone Island.  The road was slightly difficult.  I ran into lots of wolves, bears and a few marauders.  At one point, I had to pass near an old fort that was occupied by necromancers and their skeleton minions.  I also was attacked again by the Dark Brotherhood; this time the assassin was a Dunmer male.  Meeko the entire time was an able fighter and his companionship to me has been invaluable. Once I reached Winterhold I headed straight to the Island. There is in truth several things I could do while I am here, but joining the Stormcloaks has become the priority.

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To get to the island, I had to press across a frozen wasteland.  I found three bandits using the wreck of an old ship as a hideout.  They are all dead now.  I then had to cross the ice field to the island skipping from iceberg to iceberg. Once I arrived, the battle with the Ice Wraith was short.  It went over one of my Fire Runes which I followed with my Fire Breath Shout.  I then struck it with my sword once and it was no more.

The journey back was uneventful other than one Nord marauder who just attacked me nowhere.  Meeko cornered her and I finished her off with my sword. We arrived in Windhelm in the late afternoon. I presented myself and the ice wraith teeth to Galmar and he seemed both surprised and impressed. He muttered something about owing Ulfric a drink and then he administered the oath of allegiance to the Stormcloaks to me.  He then said my first mission was to join him in a little recovery mission to acquire the Jagged Crown. It’s location was north of Whiterun so, once I talked with him some more about the mission, I took the carriage to Whiterun and arrived a couple of hours before midnight.

In the morning, I will head out to carry out this mission and then hopefully return to Whiterun and then deliver the Jagged Crown to Ulfric.  Now it is time for rest.  I have some business to conduct in the morning then off to find the Jagged Crown.

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