The Blacksmith’s Daughter (Skyrim Fan Fiction) – Part 3, Episode 5 – ‘A Blade in the Dark’

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Journal of Anya Fire-Heart – Loredas, 30th of Last Seed, 4th Era, Year 201

‘A Blade in the Dark’

I was so frustrated yesterday I decided not to journal, but here I am a day later sitting in my room in Candlehearth Hall and I am in a much better mindset.  I have new allies and a new source of information on the dragons and the Thalmor.

It started on the morning of the 29th when after eating breakfast in Breezehome I headed to the Bannered Mare hoping to find out something new but Hulda only had a couple of things.  Nothing that stood out.  So, I decided to follow what I considered to be the biggest problem – the dragons.  I left Whiterun and took a carriage to Morthal which was the closest hold capital to Ustangrav, the resting place of the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller.  I traveled across the cold swamp toward Ustangrav.

Ustangrav became the source of my frustration.  Firstly, some necromancers had slaughtered the bandits that had been living in the upper chamber and they had disturbed the draugr.  It became a free for all and in the end I was the last person standing.  Ustangrav had its share of draugr, skeletons and Frostbite Spiders.  Eventually I had to use my Whirlwind Sprint Shout to overcome  the last obstacle which makes me wonder about the Greybeards.  The problem was when I reached the final chamber the horn was gone.  It was replaced by a note that told me to rent the ‘attic room’ at the Sleeping Giant in Riverwood.  I spent last night trying to sleep in the Moorside Inn, frustrated at my lack of progress.   I did learn a new Shout (Become Ethereal) from a Word Wall in Ustangrav but it is small compensation.

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The next morning I left early.  I stuck with a route I knew, I went from Morthal toward Dragon Bridge and found a sad story along the way.  There was a dog in the road but when I approached it; the dog ran to a shack just off the road.  My curiosity was peaked and I entered the shack to find a man laying in the bed dead.  He had left a journal about how he was dying of disease.  He felt bad because he had left his dog Meeko behind.

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I bent down to the dog and spoke to him kindly.  I asked him to follow me and oddly enough he did and has since been a fierce and loyal companion.  As I write this he is laying next to the bed which gives me some comfort when I sleep.  We continued to Dragon Bridge and then the short trip to the carriage drive near Solitude.  The driver took us back to Whiterun and from there we went on foot to Riverwood.

I rented the ‘attic room’ as instructed but the innkeeper Delphine said they didn’t have one and gave a different room. Then she met me in the room, gave me the horn and asked me to follow her. See lead my to her bedroom and when  closed the door, she opened up a secret back panel to her wardrobe that lead to a stairway downward and a secret room. it was there she told me she had been looking for a Dragonborn and then she told me that the dragons were not just reappearing, they were rising from the dead.  It seemed unbelievable but she was certain and that if the pattern held, Kynesgrove was the next place where it would happen.  When I asked her how she knew this she pointed out that it I had been the one who had retrieved the Dragon Stone.  They I realized why she looked so familiar.  She had been with Farengar when I had given it to him.  I agreed to go with her to Kynesgrove.

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She changed into leather armor and put on a unique sword. We then went on foot from Riverwood to Kynesgrove along some routes I had already been but a few roads were new to me. We arrived at Kynesgrove as the sun was setting. The weather grew worse as we got closer.  Snow and cold began to bite.  The innkeeper at the Braidwood Inn in Kynesgrove ran out as we neared and explained that a dragon was attacking near the burial mound. We headed up the hill which was steep.

Then we saw the dragon that was circling overhead. I recognized it at once, the same dragon that had leveled Helgen. When we neared the top of the hill we tried to sneak forward and then we watched as the dragon spoke to the mount and the ground erupted and at first the skeleton of the dragon was visible but then it began to take flesh.  It was the dragon that had the name Sohloknir.  The two dragons seemed to know each other and greeted one another.  When Sohloknir began his greeting with the word ‘Alduin’, I somehow knew that it was its name.  Oddly, Alduin addressed me as Dovakiin and spoke to me in the dragon tongue.  It resonated with my soul but I could not understand it. Alduin then chided me that because I did not understand his language; it was arrogance that I took for myself the name Dovakiin.  He then said something to Sohloknir, Sohloknir attacked and Alduin flew off.

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The battle was fairly long.  Sohloknir being a much tougher dragon than I had ever faced before and he seemed to take glory in battle.  From what I knew about dragon kind, this fight between him and myself was a deadly debate.  He used frost breath and I used fire.  I prevailed and absorbed his soul.   The weather was now completely clear and the clear night sky overhead.  What followed was a conversation between Delphine and myself.

Delphine is one of the last members of the Blades.  Their real job is to guide and guard the Dragonborn and they had lost that purpose when Martin Septim died.  Now that I was Dragonborn, the Blades purpose was clear again with the return of the dragons.  She does not know much about the return of the dragons other than she figured out the pattern of how they were being resurrected. She was interested in the news that Alduin was the same dragon that had attacked Helgen.  She proposed a plan to get into the Thalmor Embassy to find out if they were behind the dragons.  The Thalmor and the Blades have been enemies since before the Great War.  The Blades had backed the Empire but in the end after the War, they were outlawed and hunted down.  She told me to meet her back in Riverwood, by then she would hopefully have a plan.

There was enough daylight left to make my way to Windhelm.  I crossed the great bridge and entered the gates. Inside I saw two Nords accusing a dark elf of being a spy.  When they left, she asked me if I hated the dark elves.  I have to say no and so I told her.  My views on the elves are complicated.  I hate the Thalmor for obvious reasons but I also recognize that not all elves feel the same as they do.  Technically, Orcs are elves but I have a deep respect for them and curiosity about their culture.  The dark elves are in some ways repugnant to me but I don’t hate them – I dislike their practices such as slavery.  All high elves seem to be stuck on themselves and their race, but I also know not all of them support the Thalmor or the Dominion.  Wood Elves are similarly divided.  In short, I don’t really care what the race of a person is, I care about how they treat me.  I also know not all Nords feel that way particularly among the Stormcloaks.

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I am in Windhelm at last; although not in the way I had intended or as early as I had originally intended. One other note though, I was speaking to the innkeeper here and she mentioned the Dark Brotherhood in relationship to a boy here in Windhelm.  Could this be the doorway to the information I am looking for?  I bears an investigation in the morning right after I see Ulfric Stormcloak and join the Stormcloaks officially.  Now to bed.

Next: Joining the Stormcloaks


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