The Blacksmith’s Daughter (Skyrim Fan Fiction) – Part 3, Episode 3 – ‘Blessings of Nature’

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Journal of Anya Fire-Heart – Middas, 27th of Last Seed, 4th Era, Year 201

“Blessing of Nature”

I am back at Breezehome.  There is always a peace in a place called home and this is mine.  Today has been full but rewarding.  When I woke up this morning I looked at my map I realized that I could kill two birds with one stone if I headed to Eldergleam Sanctuary and then Lost Knife Hideout where the Silver Hand were.  They were actually close together. My sleep had been restless but I packed up my things and took off.

The journey to Eldergleam Sanctuary was not without it issues.  Once I found the road, I was passing by an Orc in steel armor.  She called me a milk drinker and wanted to know what I was doing out there.  Normally I would have kept going but there was a sudden fury in my heart.  I will be respected.  I called the orc out and demanded an apology but she refused. Rage filled my heart ad the next thing I knew there was a clash of steel.  The battle was furious and then her head came free from her body.  I stood over her and used my fire breath shout as a final insult.

I continued on.  I arrived at Eldergleam Sanctuary without further incident.  As I descended I cast my Candlelight Spell.  Once inside however my breath was taken away.  The Sanctuary was a paradise.  I ran into two other pilgrims enjoying it, they greeted me but I continued on to the Eldergleam.  The Tree was large with large roots that stretched across the path blocking the way.  I retrieved Neetlebane from my pack and swung at the roots.  The slightest scratch caused the roots to move out of the way.  I reached the trunk and using Neetlebane punctured it and collected some sap.  Then I heard the sound behind me like the sound of a whole hive of bees. What followed was a fight with four spriggans.  Thankfully not all at once and between my fire breath and well placed Fire Runes I destroyed them all.

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The problem is the two pilgrims paid the price as the spriggans attacked them as well.  I am not really sure what going on here.  Were the spriggans trying to protect the Eldergleam?  It seems strange that they would wait until after I got the sap to attack.  Is it possible the spriggans were holding the Eldergleam hostage and coercing it for some purpose?  Spriggans, as creatures of nature, are not easy to read as good or evil.  In any case they all died but had killed the two pilgrims.

Exiting the sanctuary I heard a dragon roar.  I circled the small hill and discovered a dragon flying around a pointed hill in the middle of volcanic tundra.  It seemed oblivious to me, so I moved around trying to get closer.  I then spotted another standing stone – The Atronach Stone.  I approached it and touched it.  The same beam of light I had seen when I had touched the Warrior Stone streaked up into the heavens and I felt different.  I felt like I had more magical power but that my magical power was altered in some way.  I then turned my attention back to the dragon.

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The dragon kept circling this small jagged peak.  I am not really any good at sneaking so I simply approached the peak with Firebolt Spell in each hand.  It must have spotted me because it swooped down toward me.  I wonder at times if dragons, and thus the Dragonborn, can sense each other.  I don’t sense them though but maybe that’s because I haven’t had as much time having a dragon soul as they have.  How old can a dragon get?  The battle that followed was one for the ages. Something is different as there were several times the dragons fire didn’t even hurt me but other times it did.  I any case I defeated it and its soul became part of me.  I headed to this peak which I later learned is called Bonestrewn Crest.  There was another Word Wall there.

I am beginning to wonder what this connection between Word Wall and dragons might be?  The walls have been either guarded by very powerful draugr or in this case a dragon.  Are the dragons and the draugr connected?  It seems I have more questions than answers.  If I wasn’t the Dragonborn, I could go back to hammering steel.  As it is however, events are pulling me toward conflict between me and my dragon brothers and sisters.  In any case, I approached the wall and learned the Word.  I then touched the power of one of the souls I had absorbed and I understood how to use it – I now know the first word of Frost Breath.

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I left Bonestrewn Crest and headed for my last stop before heading back to Whiterun. Lost Knife Hideout wasn’t very far from where I was and it looks somewhat unassuming outside.  Inside was another matter as he caverns can be large but the cave is not long overall.  I killed all the Silver Hand and I learned setting up the Fire Rune and then drawing my opponents into it is a very effective strategy.  It is what ultimately allowed me to take on the six Silver Hand near where they were keeping their strategic plans. My fathers old discussions on small unit tactics are coming in handy.

I had two challenges on the road back to Whiterun.  First there was an Assassin from the Dark Brotherhood.  I know this because I recovered a note from her corpse.  She was Argonian and her reptilian scales were a light grey. The note said the Black Sacrament had been performed for me.  My earlier question about how many people are trying to kill me seems much less humorous now.

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The second challenge was Valtheim Towers which are two towers with a bridge connecting them that spans the White River.  It was a notorious bandit hideout.  As I approached one bandit approached me and asked for a toll.  My reply was that if they let me past, I wouldn’t kill them.  She laughed and attacked me.  I killed her and all her bandit friends.  The towers had many choke points which were perfect to set up my runes and then follow up with the sword after the bandits has set them off.  It was a slaughter and I loved every minute of it.  I plundered the towers and continued on to Whiterun.

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I was glad to be home.  This evening, I have spent a lot of time disenchanting magical items, selling my plunder and then I ended by giving the Eldergleam sap to Danica.  She was very grateful, gave me her blessing and then offered me her services if I wanted training in Restoration magic.  I have seen her skill in action so this is no small opportunity. Maybe when the war is over I can follow in my mother’s footsteps?

I then went to Jorrvaskr.  I told Aela of my success.  She told me that she didn’t think anyone had caught on yet to our campaign and gave me another job.  This time she had gotten wind of  some Silver Hand who had found a piece of Wuuthrad.  I was to kill them and get the piece back.

I have spent the remained of this evening here at Breezehome reading and studying.  There were a few spell books that I digested. The Silver Hand as well as the bandits had a wealth of new books that I have added to my library. Tomorrow I need to assess my plans and choose a course of action.

Next: Rest and Respite


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