The Blacksmith’s Daughter (Skyrim Fan Fiction) – Part 3, Episode 2 – ‘The Silver Hand’

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Journal of Anya Fire-Heart – Tirdas, 26th of Last Seed, 4th Era, Year 201

‘The Silver Hand’

I am outside Gallows Rock in the tower.  There is a roaring fire nearby and a couple of bed rolls calling my name but I need to get this down because today has been life transforming.  I am sitting on a chest and using another book to write on.

The day started easily enough.  The trip from Iverstead to Whiterun was fairly uneventful unless you count the dragon that swooped down from the mountains over Riverwood.  The battle with this dragon was a little bit difficult. It refused to land so my Firebolt Spell became my main weapon.  It worked and the dragon was breathing frost so he actually did little damage to me. Once it landed near the mill across from the Sleeping Giant, brought my sword to bear and landed the killing blow.  I stood there as the dragon’s power entered me.

Afterwards I did some business with Alvor and Lucan and then moved on.  Uthgerd and I arrived in Whiterun mid-morning.  Uthgerd invited me to her home as she had some books I could have.  After getting these books I dismissed Uthgerd as I knew I would end up in Jorrvaskr and that was not a place Uthgerd would want to be.  I told her I might need her again and she said she would either be at her home of the Bannered Mare.  I headed back home and the books and other treasures I wanted to keep I put away.   I then spent until late afternoon smithing, reading and I learned another spell.  While smithing I improved my Wolf Armor even further so it was well fitted and put an even sharper edge on my greatsword.

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Once finished I headed to the Temple of Kynareth and talked to Danica about Neetlebane.  She seemed genuinely surprised to me again but was glad I had succeeded.  She however did not want to touch Neetlebane so she showed me where the Eldergleem Sanctuary was located in the volcanic tundra and asked me to retrieve some sap from it.  I agreed to get the sap and then headed for Jorrvaskr.

It was late afternoon and once I found Aela and told her of our success at Greywater Grotto.  She was pleased and then told me I need to see Skjor.  Skjor told me he had something special planned for this evening so he told me to meet me in the Underforge.  I had never heard of it so he told me where it was, behind a secret door underneath where Eorland works.  I waited till night had fallen like he asked and then found him outside the faint outline of a door in the side of the rock.  He told me I was about to enter a place of very old and ancient magic. He entered the door before me and I followed.

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Inside was a cavern with a central pedestal  with a bowl but the most impressive sight was Aela who was now in her werewolf form.  Skjor explained that they were doing this in secret because Kodlak was against the beast blood. There is a rift in the Companions.  Aela and Skjor seemed to be on the side that embraced the beast blood.  Kodlak, Vilkas and Farkas were the other side.  I was in the middle but obviously being recruited to the side of the beast blood.  I weighed things in my mind and then agreed to do the blood ritual.  I view it as a door to the upper ranks of the Companions and perhaps a position on The Circle would allow me to convince them to  join the Stormcloak cause. Skjor cut the forearm of Aela and bled it into the bowl.  I cupped my hand and took some of it into my mouth and then my vision faded.

I remember little of that first time being a werewolf.  I have visions of me running on all fours through the grass of the plains around Whiterun and then I woke up like from a dream.  I was naked in the snow.  Aela was standing over me.  She smiled.  She explained to me that the first time is always the most intense as it is the time you can least control.  She told me that I would have to regain my strength to call on it again.  She pointed out my gear was nearby and I put my armor back on with my backpack and sword.  Aela said Skjor and her had a little celebration planned – Destroying the Silver Hand at Gallows Rock.

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Gallows Rock is an old fortress with a dungeon.  The Silver Hand had turned it into a base of operations in the area for killing werewolves. We slaughtered them.  There were many difficult fights but we plundered and prevailed even in the end against their leader ‘The Skinner”.  I took his head completely off with my sword.  Unfortunately, that was when we discovered Skjor dead.  Aela tried to hide it but she was shaken, I saw a tear in her eye but I never said anything about it and probably will never say anything. Still in her anger, she announced a war on the Silver Hand.  They would be destroyed.  She told me of another enclave of them where the leader was a planner, Aela wanted me to kill the leader and take her plans.  I agreed and then headed back outside.

Here in the tower, I have processed that from the time I drank the blood until now it has been only about four hours.  I have looked at my map and noticed that Eldergleem Sanctuary is not very far away.  In the morning, I will head there.   I am near the volcanic tundra so it might be a little hazardous.

I am a werewolf now, but I am not sure how or if I want to use that power.  Even now though I feel a primal rage deep inside me – an animal hunter instinct and restlessness.  I don’t know what other effects this will have on me but my fire inside is burning brighter.  I am struggling to keep the beast caged.

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