The Blacksmith’s Daughter (Skyrim Fan Fiction) – Part 3, Episode 1 – ‘The Way of the Voice’

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Journal of Anya Fire-Heart – Morndas, 25th of Last Seed, 4th Era, Year 201

‘The Way of the Voice’

I awoke this morning with only one question in my mind – Should I take Uthgerd the Unbroken with me on my journey?  I had prepared everything else the night before so after breakfast I found myself walking to the Bannered Mare and asking Uthgerd to join me.  She didn’t hesitate.

We left and the journey first took us into the mountains near Bleak Falls where I found a chest indicated by a map I found, we the headed through Riverwood and then towards Helgen.  The Companions had been contracted to take out the wolves in Greywater Grotto, it really wasn’t much of a challenge killing a pack of wolves.  We then went through the ruins of Helgen only to find the place had been taken over by bandits.  We slaughtered them all by Fire and Sword, even the ones that had set up inside Helgen Keep.  It was kind of weird going through the same places I had when i made my escape now eight days ago but the work was done.

Orphan Rock and the hagraven turned out to be a greater challenge.  I was glad I had taken Uthgerd with me as she drew some of the hagraven’s fire – literally.  We had to fight through four witches and then the hagraven at the end.  I was glad for my armor when I got up close.  Hagraven claws are deadly. We found Neetlebane and then while searching the camp of the witches, I found what I thought was just a strange-looking stone.  It was white with facets like a gem but completely opaque.  Once I touched it though, a voice spoke to me, female and commanding.

It was Meridia, the daedric prince of Light.  Not considered wholly evil as many of the daedric princes are considered, as she hates the undead and necromancy.  She did not ask for my cooperation when she spoke, she demanded it.  Take this beacon to Mt. Kilkreath and destroy the darkness that had found its way into her temple. I am not sure about this, one thing I know is I can’t seem to lose this beacon.  Every time I put it down and walk away, it finds its way into my pack again.  Mt. Kilkreath is near Solitude, so it might be a while before I follow up on her request.


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We made our way through the mountains between Falkreath and the Rift.  It is a singular path that caries you past Haemar’s Shame and then we followed the road to Iverstead. Along the way,  we fought a few solitary creatures and it gave me a chance to see if all my practice in fire was helping me.  I tried my Fire Rune Spell once again and discovered I now had the knowledge and the magicka reserve to cast it.  It would come in handy as we climbed the Throat of the World.

Iverstead is a small hamlet at the base of the Throat.  It  has an inn which basically serves as a rest for the pilgrims that go up and down the mountain.  The 7000 steps is considered a holy pilgrimage of sorts and there are ten shrines with emblems as you climb up.  As we prepared to cross the bridge to start our assent, we ran into Klimmek, a man who runs supplies up the mountain to the Greybeards.  Seeing we were going that way anyway, I offered to take the supplies for him. He thanked us and told us what to do and also gave us some advice about traversing the mountain.

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Our ascent was not without incident.  We encountered a Frostbite Spider, two Ice Wraiths, an Ice Wolf and a Frost Troll.  The one thing all of these encounters had in common is that they gave me a perfect opportunity to test the rune spell.  It worked better than I planned as many of these creature not only don’t like fire they are vulnerable to it, particularly the Troll and the Wraiths.  My favorite tactic which I developed was to lay down a rune in the snow and then when the creature crossed it, it would go off and then follow up with my Fire Breath Shout. The Ice Wraiths really didn’t like that.

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We reached High Hrothgar.  The grey stone fortress stood out against the snow.  We approached it and saw the offering chest, we placed Klimmek’s supplies inside and then approached one of the doors and entered.  I could see the Greybeards in the main chamber ahead of me.  I told Uthgerd to wait and then went forward.

The Greybeard that greeted me was Arngeir.  At first he demanded a test that I would shout at them to prove I was Dragonborn.  Once I did so, the Greybeards seemed less grim and more excited.  What followed was a series of tests and conversations the essence of which follows:

Firstly, I learned about Shouts.  They are projections of one’s inner power and each shout has three words that increase the power of the shout.  To the Greybeards the only proper use of shouts is the worship of the gods but they cannot deny training me as the Dragon Blood is also a gift of the gods. Shouts can take a lot of forms and not all of them are weapons.  The taught me the second word of Unrelenting Force which in my opinion makes this Shout a little more worth while. Before I could stun someone with it briefly, now I might do that and possible knock them off their feet.  The also taught me another shout known as Whirlwind Sprint.  Well, they taught me the first word which allows me to run being pushed by the wind.  It allows me to cover a short distance very quickly, almost instantly.  It also could conceivable allow me to jump gaps without falling. Shouts are in the Dragon language.

Secondly,  I learned about dragons.  I learned that language is intrinsic to the very being of dragons.  There is no difference between debating and fighting in the dragon language.  To them debate and fighting are the same thing.  For me, being Dragonborn means I am born with the soul of a dragon.  That means like dragons I can absorb the power of slain dragons and use that power. In my case, that has translated into opening up the meaning and power of the words of Shouts.  For the Greybeards, long years are required to learn shouts, but for me it is effortless.  In a sense then I am as much related to the dragons as I am the Nords.  It’s going to make for interesting family gatherings.

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Finally, I learned about the Way of the Voice and the Greybeards.   The Greybeards were founded by Jurgen Windcaller.  He established the Way of the Voice which is ultimately the notion that the Voice should only be used for the worship of the gods.  The goal to achieve balance between a person’s inner and outer selves.   Sounds mystical but it does not make much sense to me as the nature of two of the shouts I know is destruction.  The dragons certainly don’t use their Voices this way.  The Greybeards actually have five members.  The four old men and a someone named Paarthurnax.  The name stuck out as it was on one of the shrines coming up the mountain and in the context that would make him very old if it is the same person.  I have my suspicions but I will keep open for new information.

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We headed back down the mountain and it was starting to get very dark but I knew the Inn in Iverstead would take us in.  We reached the bottom and began to look for Klimmek.  We found him in front of the inn but two other figures approached dressed in strange robes. The stopped me and asked if I was the Dragonborn.  When I told them I was, they said my lies fell on deaf years and then the said something about a guy named Miraak.  Then they attacked me.  The guards joined in to help us and quickly these two weird individuals were killed, underneath they we Dunmer, dark elves.   A note I found on one of them had instructions to find and kill me, labeling me a false Dragonborn and the name Miraak appeared again. Exactly how many people are out to kill me?

I am sitting in the room we rented in the Vilemyr Inn. It has been a long day but one full of revelations.  I need to get back to Whiterun.  I have a contract to complete with the Companions and Danica will be glad to see I have Neetlebane.  I also have more to think about and being in the comforts of Breezehome might help with that.

Next: ‘The Sliver Hand’


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