The Blacksmith’s Daughter (Skyrim Fan Fiction) – Part 2, Episode 9 – ‘Considering Secrets’

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Journal of Anya Fire-Heart – Sundas, 24th of Last Seed, 4th Era, Year 201

‘Considering Secrets’

It is hard to believe this journal is now a week old; seems like yesterday and a lifetime ago that I started it all rolled up in one.  I decided that today would be a day to meditate, rest and read.  I did however have a few small errands to run first.  I went back to Eorland and asked about the distinct armor I had seen many of the Companions wear – The Wolf Armor.  He said he had a set for a woman available but he is the one who makes it. I bought the set he had and then sold my own armor to him.  He complimented my work and I looked at his.  The design he used was distinctive but even more impressive slightly lighter than most steel armor.  I left him admiring his work again.

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I spent the rest of the morning smithing myself both to improve the Wolf Armor which when custom fitted was even more comfortable.  I thought out the things I knew and thought I knew while smithing.

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I knew that the Companions were in part a band of werewolves that had for centuries existed right under the noses of everyone without anyone knowing.  This actually was probably more of an explanation of why they were not involved in the war.  I mean, what is the probability on the battlefield that you might want to turn into a werewolf to save your skin – really high.  Being involved in the war would increase the risk their secret would be known.

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I also knew that Skjor and Aela are lovers.  I know this is not commonly known even among the Companions because I heard one of the other Companions ask about it and Aela flatly denied it.  There is something going on beyond simple being secret lovers, they are acting on their own in something.

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I knew that Kodlak Whitemane wanted a cure for his lycanthropy. This knowledge was contained to a few Companions but perhaps not all.

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I knew very little about dragons.  Too little.  I need knowledge about them and I felt understanding shouts was the first step.  The roads all lead to the Greybeards.

I spent the rest of the day in my new home reading and having meals.  I had some things to sell in the morning but I knew that my original plan to see the Greybeards still stood.  It was long overdue.

Along the way I had though to visit Orphan Rock and get Neetlebane but I have my reservations about going myself. Lydia’s death has caused a crisis in that I have gotten used to someone watching my back and taking the pressure off during a battle.  The downside is that having someone else means at times they get in the way of what you want to do during battle.  I wonder if Uthgerd the Unbroken would go with me?  Do I want her along?

I will sleep on it.

Next: “The Way of the Voice”


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