The Blacksmith’s Daughter (Skyrim Fan Fiction) – Part 2, Episode 8 – ‘Proving Honor’

File:SR-place-Dustman's Cairn.jpg

Journal of Anya Fire-Heart – Loredas, 23rd of Last Seed, 4th Era, Year 201

‘Proving Honor’

My original plan for today had been to start my journey to see the Greybeards.  Along the way I could retrieve Neetlebane from the hagraven and I had two treasure maps that indicated they were close to the route I wanted to take.  My plan was interrupted by the Companions and I can say that not only have I now truly achieved being officially in their ranks but I have learned some secrets as well.

It started by my report to Farkas that the job at Redoran’s Retreat had been finished.  He paid me and when I asked far another job he said that Skjor wanted to see me.  It was still very early in the morning so I found Skjor in bed, what I didn’t expect to find was Aela naked in bed with him.  He woke up and after throwing on a tunic, he silently moved us out of the room while Aela continued to sleep.  He told me that a scholar had found a blade piece of Wuuthrad, the ancient battle axe of Ysgramor the founder of the Companions.  I was to travel with Farkas and retrieve it.  The timing was right for it to be my trial so I was given the task.  If I carried myself with honor, I would become a true Companion. I put my original plans on hold, gathered up Farkas, who gave me more information and we headed to Dustman’s Cairn.

We were near the Western Watchtower when I heard the familiar sound of dragon’s wings rushing overhead.  It attacked us, well me more specifically.  Given where we were, I don’t know if this was a random attack or this dragon was trying to avenge the one we had earlier slain here.  I know so little about dragons.  I know they talk.  Do they form friendships? Do they mate? In any case between the guards, Farkas and myself we defeated the dragon.  I approached again and once again the dragon’s power left it and entered me.  We continued on.

Dustman’s Cairn is not too far from Redoran’s Retreat so the ground we traveled was now familiar.  We arrived at a hole in the ground with raised stones around it and a spiral staircase leading to a door.  I descended.  I made a commitment to not use my fire magic but I still readied my Candlelight spell and cast it.  I opened the door and descended into the Cairn.

Somebody had been there ahead of us and recently.  We went forward and ran into the draugr after dispatching them we kept going until we found ourselves blocked by a gate.  I looked around and in alcove fond a lever that opened it.  Unfortunately for it dropped another gate across the alcove entrance trapping me.  Farkas was about to let me out when what looked like bandits surrounded him. What followed can be briefly summarized as Farkas turning into a werewolf and then killing all five of them as easily as warrior going through a pack of skeevers.  He then ran off down the tunnel that had been opened by my level that went further in the Cairn.

Image result for dustman's cairn werewolf

In a few moments, the gate in front of me came open and the new opening stayed that way.  I left the alcove with my sword out in front of me.  Farkas eventually appeared but he was no longer a werewolf.  What followed was me asking questions and discovering that while not all of the Companions were werewolves, The Circle was and had been for a couple of centuries.  I wasn’t going to be turned into a werewolf without my consent and the Silver Hand was the people who had attacked him and they were bad people who didn’t like werewolves.  The Circle being werewolves was a big secret and I needed to keep it.

I put this in the back of my mind as I had a job to do yet.  I still wanted to join the Companions but now I at least knew the full score.  The remainder of the Cairn was filled with both draugr and Sliver Hand thugs.  Farkas and I had many battles and discovered dead bodies and chests of loot but in the end we entered the final chamber where the blade piece was.  It was on an altar in front of a wall like in Bleak Falls.  I could hear chanting as I approached.  I asked Farkas if he could hear or see anything but he said no.  I approached and a word began to fill my sight and ears.


The power of the dragon I had killed earlier suddenly began to fill the word. Sorry, it is the best way I can think of right now to describe it.  I knew what it meant and how to use it.  I didn’t have long to wait to sue it, as once I picked up the blade piece I heard the now familiar sound of coffins popping open – draugr and lots of them.  What followed was a battle worth of a song as Farkas and I fought wave after wave of draugr.  My new fire breath I used several times and lesser draugr collapsed and others were severely damaged.  In the end, Farkas and I stood alone with a pile of draugr underneath our feet.   After finding a hidden tunnel that took us back to the beginning, we headed back to Jorrvaskr.  The rest of the Circle were waiting for us and the gathered in a half circle in the yard.  I took my place in the middle and Farkas joined them.  Then I was brought into the Companions with a simple ceremony as old as time.

Image result for Companions Ceremony Jorrvaskr

“Her heart burns with fury and courage”

I was in.

Afterwards, I talked with Kodlak and he welcomed me in.  I took him aside and asked about the Companions being werewolves.  He did not hide it but mentioned that some took to it more than others.  He indicated he wanted to be cured because he feared that Shor would not call an animal to Sovngarde who was under the power of the daedric lord Hircine.  He then told me to drop it, that this was a day to celebrate my bravery.  I stayed around and drank some mead but I was anxious to see Eorland as being a companion meant I had a weapon of Skyforge Steel coming. I spoke to him at the Skyforge a little later and asked for a greatsword.

“Sure you can handle that?”, he joked.

Image result for skyrim skyforge steel greatsword

I stand in awe of Skyforge Steel.  It seems like regular steel until you look at it closely and realize the magic of the Skyforge and  Eorland’s skill as a smith make it the strongest steel in Tamriel and as a smith myself I know the difference.  If I ever get the chance myself to work the Skyforge, I hope to make something even half as good as the sword he gave me.  I sharpened it myself and the edge was incredible. Before leaving, I talked to Aela (I didn’t mention what I saw this morning) and she gave me a job in Falkreath to clear out some beasts.

I headed to Dragonsreach.  I spent some time talking to both Farengar and the steward Proventus.  I had the entirety of Breezehome furnished.  I then went there and organized my new home and in the end it became home.  There was a side room for the housecarl which I will not change in honor of Lydia.  I now have a place to store things and keep my books safe.  Now that I am done with my new home I will probably enjoy it for a day and then I am long overdue for an appointment with the Greybeards.

Next: “Considering Secrets”


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