The Blacksmith’s Daughter (Skyrim Fan Fiction) Part 2, Episode 6 – ‘Missing in Action’

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Journal of Anya Fire-Heart – Fredas, 22nd of Last Seed, 4th Era, Year 201

I am sitting in the entrance of Dragonsreach after a day and a half, the main purpose of which was to rescue Thorald Grey-Mane from the Thalmor. I had little time yesterday for much and certainly no time for writing in my journal.  I woke up yesterday morning fairly early and headed out to the Whiterun stables.  I hired the carriage driver and he drove us to Solitude.  I did not however visit the city as a took the road toward the  harbor but kept going around the north coast.

There is one thing of note on this journey, about halfway between Solitude and Northwatch Keep, we ran into an orc.  My understanding of Orc culture is very limited but as we talked to him he indicated that he was looking for a good death and even though he did not look that old to me.  Despite my attempts he insisted that he would wait for a good death until it arrived and two dead saber cats  were testament enough that it had not yet arrived.  I asked him if we could do the honors of giving him a good death.  Once he agreed the battle was joined between Lydia and Myself and this orc.  He was a fierce fighter and he held us off for some time.  In the end it was my blade that struck him down.  A muffled ‘thank you’ and a smile was given as he looked right into my eyes.  I must learn more of these noble and honorable people.

I left him there and we went on.  Along the way we killed ad few bandits, mudcrabs, horkers and wolves.  By the late afternoon we had arrived outside Northwatch keep where Avulstein was waiting with two other friends – Vidrald and Geirlund.  The five of us agreed that speed and surprise was best so once we were ready we charged for the gate of Northwatch Keep.  Our speed and surprise worked as we were inside the keep and had several Thalmor guards on the ground before they could mount any kind fo organized defense.  High Elves are tough opponents often mixing blade and spell but my own fire countered their lightning and our blades over-matched them.  We left all the guard above ground dead and with very little harm to ourselves.  We then descended into the keep’s dungeons.

Our battles though the dungeons of Northwatch were not without difficulty or price.  There were Thalmor mages as well as warriors and every fight with them required great effort on our parts.  In one skirmish  we lost both Vidrald and Geirlund.  I did manage to plunder as we went and I found many books as wells as gold and gems.  Our last two battles were epic but in the end Lydia, Avulstein and I stood tall over the torturer and there was Thorald Grey-Mane in chains with obvious torture wounds.

File:SR-quest-Missing In Action 4.jpg

We set him free and in the brief conversation we had at that moment it was clear that the Thalmor were trying to break him for the purpose of implicating more of the Grey-Mane family for arrest.  Once we were sure all the Thalmor were dead and the other prisoners freed, we left the keep by the side door.  I talked with Thorald one more time, who thanked me and, after telling me his brother and himself would throw their lot in with the Stormcloaks, gave me a poetic message for his mother.

I took a look at the Elven armor with a smith’s eye as we left.  I began to see in my mind’s eye the techniques and materials needed to make it. Like it or not the Elves were the first to open up smithing to something more than iron and steel – them and the Dwarves.  Once their secret became known to Man, Mer lost their advantage.

One the way home, we encountered a khajiit drug dealer.  When I pointed out to him his actions were illegal, he attacked us and we dispatched him.  We arrived back in Solitude late in the evening but we decided to take the carriage back to Whiterun right away.  This put us back in Whiterun at midnight so tired as we were we headed for the Bannered Mare.  The evening had one more almost deadly encounter.  As we entered the gate a figure and two dogs attacked us out of the shadows.  The surprise both us and the guards. These dogs were black with a wispy black cloud along their skin, red eyes and a bite that brought with it bitter cold.  The figure was a powerful but clearly made vampire.  In the battle, these hell hounds went down first as two guards aided us. Surrounded as he was the vampire still put up a solid fight.  In the end, he went down with no losses of life to Whiterun.

File:SR-npc-Fralia Gray-Mane.jpg

Finally, we stumbled up to the Bannered Mare and after getting a room both collapsed in it and fell fast asleep.  I probable slept a little longer than usual but after a late breakfast, I found Fralia at her stall in the market and gave her the good news but when I told her she couldn’t see her son, she started to disbelieve me until I gave her Thorald’s poetry line which she quoted the last half before I could finish.  She then accepted her son was alive but she could not see him until the war was over.

I did some business with the shop keepers and then headed to Dragonsreach.  I have just finished  disenchanting some items I found in Northwatch  and talking to Farengar.  My next move should be to help Saadia against the Alik’r.

Next: In My Time of Need


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