The Blacksmith’s Daughter (Skyrim Fan Fiction) = Part 2, Episode 5 – ‘Decisions’

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Journal of Anya Fire-Heart – Middas, 20th of Last Seed, 4th Era, Year 201


The day was for the most part uneventful but in a sense that is what I wanted to sort out my options. I have many options from joining the Stormcloaks to ascending the Throat of the World to see the Greybeards.  Whenever I am faced with such decisions either dive into my books or the forge.

My day started with books.  I opened up the books I had bought from Farengar and another that I had discovered in Bleak Falls.  I learned the Fire Rune, a spell I think will be immensely useful but right now I don’t seem to have magical strength to cast it. Fast Healing – a better version of the spell mother taught me.  Lesser Ward puts up a shield that block magic.  I will test them in actual combat when I can.

Once my reading was done I headed to the forge by the main gate.  I was about to talk to the smith, a strong-looking Nord female, when I was stopped by a Redguard warrior.  He introduced himself as a member of the Alik’r and then said they were looking for a Redguard woman and would pay for information as to her location.  She was a fugitive from Hammerfell.  I did not promise them anything but my mind began turning as there were at least three Redguard women in town.

I put it out of my mind and approached the Nord smith who introduced herself Adrianne Avenicci the daughter of the Steward.  She was thus the product of her Nord mother and an Imperial father.  She was trying to be the best smith in Skyrim but knew she had long way to go.  She had finished a greatsword for the Jarl and wanted it delivered to her father.  I accepted knowing I was going tot speak to the Steward today about something else. I then got to work smithing.  First I built myself a suit of Steel Armor and customized it to my body.  I then sharpened my greatsword.  I spent the rest of the morning smithing odds and ends trying to think.

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Once I finished I headed back to the Bannered Mare.  The Redguard woman was most likely Saadia the maid at the Bannered Mare.  The other two just didn’t seem to fit.  One of them was the mother of a child who was obviously older than what the men were looking for and the other was married to a prominent citizen of Whiterun (prominent but a complete ass).  That left Saadia.  I entered the inn and talked to her.  The moment I mentioned the Alik’r she hushed me and asked me to follow her.

At first she acted like a cornered animal and drew a dagger.  Once I assured her that I wasn’t going to hurt her she asked for my help.  The Alik’r according to her were assassins trying to kill her.  She had spoken out against the high elves during the war and had probably angered someone who wanted her dead.  She felt that if their leader Kematu was killed the rest would lose heart and scatter. Her only lead was there was an Alik’r warrior in imprisoned in Dragonsreach I could talk to.  I agreed to help her swearing an oath to Talos that Kematu would die.

I had many reasons to head to Dragonsreach so I did.  I delivered Adrianne’s sword to her father and had a conversation with him about property in the hold.  The house available was Breezehome and it was 5000 septims which was beyond my range and that didn’t include furnishing the place.  I put it in the back of my mind and headed to the dungeon.

I talked to the Alik’r warrior who was imprisoned.  He was shocked I knew Kematu’s name but agreed that he would help me if I would pay his fine and get him freed.  I did this and he told me Kematu was located in Swindler’s Den to the west of Whiterun.  I now only had a couple of issues left to settle in Whiterun.

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I wanted to meet Eorland Grey-Mane but I also thought the idea of just walking up to him was a little presumptuous, but if I were a member of the Companions I would have good reason to meet and talk with him.  I went to their mead hall Jorrvaskr, I told Lydia to wait outside and went in,  I was greeted with the sight of two of the Companions, a dark elf man and a Nord female, engaged in a fist fight.  I approached one of the men watching and he told me that If I wanted to join the Companions I would have to speak to Kodlak Whitemane who was in the basement.  I headed downstairs and at the end of the long arched basement I found him talking to another Companion Named Vilkas.

I listened to their conversation which seemed to be about a Companions internal matter with a little interest but in the end the hushed themselves as I approached Kodlak.  Kodlak did not dismiss my desire to join but instead looked at me and said perhaps.  Vilkas objected but Kodlak said the only thing that mattered was a person’s heart which Vilkas countered with ‘and their arm’.  I was then asked if I could fight.  I said that I could but I still had much to learn. To that Kodlak asked Vilkas to test my arm.

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I followed Vilkas to the yard behind Jorrvaskr and we engaged in a sparing match.  His sword and shield verses my greatsword.  In watching his form I learned a little about stance and footwork which when I tested it later stopped me from expending so much energy in my swings.  He said I did well enough to be a Companion and then sent me with his sword to Eorland to have it sharpened.

In meeting Eorland for the first time I noted his age and his hands – there was a wealth of experience in those hands. The Skyforge was the only thing that made him look smaller in my eyes.  The forge itself was a large eagle shape that loomed over the forge itself and there was definitely something magical about it. It didn’t seem to be carved by tools but perhaps by something else.  Eorland took the sword and then we had a brief conversation.  His wife had warned me that vert few things would get Eorland talking.  I learned from him that Companions had no real leader.  They had an inner circle called The Circle and an advisor called the Harbinger but that each person was their own.  We talked smithing for a while and he handed me a book about it I had never read before.  He then asked me to do him a favor and deliver a shield to Aela the Huntress.  He told me that he could train me, if I could pay him.

In delivering the shield to Aela I found myself back in the basement and in a conversation between Aela who is an archer and Skjor, the man I had first talked to when I entered Jorrvaskr.  She asked if I was new; Skjor said he had seen me in the yard training with Vilkas; she that she had heard I had given Vilkas a thrashing; he said she shouldn’t let Vilkas hear her say that.  She then asked me if I could handle Vilkas in a real fight.  I simple replied I didn’t care for boasting.  She said she liked me because I preferred to let my actions speak for me.  Then they called Farkas, Vilkas’ brother to show me where to sleep which he did.  He then gave me my first job – killing some bandits a Redoran’s Retreat.

I left Jorrvaskr.  Even though I could have stayed the night there I prefer my privacy.  I gathered up Lydia and i prepared to have my final puzzle of the day – Thorald Grey-Mane and whether he was alive and where was he.  I had exhausted all my options.  Most of the Battle-Born had become hostile to my questions so I was left with my last option – go into their home and look for proof.  I disliked this choice but I felt something terribly wrong was going on so I watched the Battle-Born house and waited until evening.

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I then went around to the back entrance, told Lydia to wait and guard the door and went in.  I heard some movement of feet upstairs but no one challenged my entrance.  I went to the right to the door and as luck would have it this must have been the place I need to be. Through this bedroom, I found a locked door.  I hesitated but then I picked it.  Inside on a desk was a small journal.  I opened it and it turned out to be an imperial missive from General Tullius to the Battle-Born family to keep quiet about Thorald as he had been placed in the custody of the Thalmor at Northwatch Keep.

The Thalmor! May the Battle-Born family burn in Oblivion forever!

I took the missive to Avulstein and he was just as upset and told me he was going to attack the place and free his brother.  I agreed to meet him there and help.  I told him not to attack until I arrived.   I left with a spirit of anger burning inside me. I gathered u Lydia and we went to the Bannered Mare for the night.

I now know what I am going to do – Free Thorald!

Next: Missing in Action


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