The Blacksmith’s Daughter (Skyrim Fan Fiction) – Part 2, Episode 4 – ‘Dragon Rising’

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Journal of Anya Fire-Heart – Middas, 20th of Last Seed, 4th Era, Year 201

‘Dragon Rising’

I am writing this in the morning because last night I was too exhausted to do so.  After fighting a Dragon I was a little exhausted.  Yes, I said a dragon.  I guess I am repeating myself because I can hardly believe it myself.  That and I am still coming to terms with the possibility I am Dragonborn.

After Irileth, the Jarl’s housecarl announced a dragon was nearby.  We all went up the stairs to the room behind the throne – a war room.  The Jarl was there and took the report from the guard who had run all the way from the Western Watchtower.  He then gave instructions for Irileth and I to head out their and deal with the dragon.  Before I left though he gave me a gift from his armory and told me I now had the right to purchase property in the city.

Irileth and I headed for the main gate, rallied and gathered the guards going with us and headed west out of Whiterun.  Twilight was falling and as we neared the watchtower we saw smoke rising into the sky.  Once we gathered nearby Irileth ordered that we spread out and look around.  I headed right for the tower and as I drew near to the door and guard came out warning us to get back because the dragon was still around.  He informed us that two other guards had been grabbed by it.  Irileth asked where the dragon was and the guard said he didn’t know but then it appeared over the mountains to the south.  As it neared I could tell one thing – it was not the same dragon as the one that had destroyed Helgen.

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I prepared a Firebolt in each hand and once the dragon got close enough and hovered I let loose.  The bolt struck it and I felt like I had only angered it.  Then it breathed fire.  What followed in the battle I only have small memories of as the whole thing was chaos.  I kept firing bolts and downing potions to quickly recharge my magicka.  The dragon then landed. I remember drawing my sword and charging in.  Irileth’s lightning bolt flew all around me.  I swung my sword almost blindly.  Once I felt its tail strike my chest but my armor held and then  the dragon flew off again.  I think I used my mother’s healing spell to help me quickly recover.  Then the dragon landed once again.  Our combined spells, arrows and sword work finished it off and then it lay still.  I stood in shock blood and burns across different parts of my body.  The dragon was dead and I was still alive.


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What happened next is something I still debate in my mind.  As I walked toward the dragon it started to flame.  Irileth told everyone to get back but I continued forward then the dragon’s  exploded into tendrils of energy that streaked forward and converged at me.  I felt the dragon’s power (it soul?) enter me and that feeling I had right after the dragon at Helgen returned only much, much stronger. It was so strong that it suddenly burst out of my through my mouth,


A wave of force staggered the bones of the dragon slightly and the grass flew backward. It was my first shout.  The men began to gather around; I activated my healing spell and healed my wounds and burns and then one guard came up after all the rest.

“I can’t believe it, you’re Dragonborn.”

What followed was a conversation where all that I knew and the men knew about the Dragonborn was laid out. Most agreed but Irileth was skeptical.  Unfortunately, I knew enough that I did fit the bill – I had absorbed the dragon’s power and I could shout with no training.  I examined the dragon and took the items in the rib cage, which probably had been in its stomach. I took what bones and scales I could.  In the end, I was sent back to the Jarl to report our success.  Then an addition thing happened that made things even more difficult.  As I turned the bend in the road to run up into the city, a thunder like sound shook the earth and sky.


It came from, as best as I could tell, the Throat of the World – the highest mountain in Tamriel.  I was puzzled for a moment but realized night was falling fast. so I made my way to Dragonsreach.  The Jarl, his brother Hrongar and the Steward were waiting for me.  I gave my report including the Dragonborn part and that is when I heard about the Greybeards, the 7000 steps and High Hrothgar.  The Greybeards were the masters of the voice or shouting.  If I wanted to know more about my gift of being Dragonborn, I needed to see them.  It was considered an honor to be summoned by them.

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The Jarl was grateful for my work.  He made me Thane of Whiterun, gave me a large two-handed battle axe as my badge of office and then assigned a woman named Lydia to be my housecarl.  It was so sudden and a little much.  I left the Jarl and found Farengar.  He explained that being Dragonborn and using Shouts were an ancient form of magic and the ones who understood it best were the Greybeards.  I asked if there was another place that might understand it and he mentioned that magic in general could be learned at the College of Winterhold.  I did some business with Farengar and disenchanted another object I had on me.  I bought two spells: Fire Rune and Fast Healing.  I then headed out and ran into my housecarl Lydia.

I asked it what she did and what being a Thane meant.  She explained my title and her role.  I struggled for a moment as to what to do but then told her to follow me.  She had sworn an oath to protect me and all I own with her life and I understand the value of oaths.  I asked her to follow me.  I am not accustomed to having a title and a housecarl.  I prefer to be alone.  I will make the best of it.

I headed to the Bannered Mare stopping only to pray at the Shrine of Talos (much more quieter with Hemsker asleep) and to talk to Idolaf Battle-Born.  He was the man I saw talking to the blacksmith my first day in Whiterun. Once I told him I was on the side of the Grey-Mane family he refused to talk about Thorald.  I was running out of options there.  Finally I made it to the Bannered Mare, rented a room and found myself asleep with Lydia watching the door in less than a half hour.

Right now, I have decisions to make and things to do today that hopefully don’t involve dragons or draugr.  I need a clear path.

Next: Decisions


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