The Blacksmith’s Daughter (Skyrim Fan Fiction) – Part 1, Episode 4 – “Escape”

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Journal of Anya Fire-Heart – Sundas, 17th of Last Seed, 4th Era, Year 201


Lockpicking is not as hard as many people think from a simple mechanical point of view it is a matter of getting the tumblers to match what the key would be and turning the chamber.  My father showed me the basics as he made locks, keys and picks.  The real problem is worrying about what is going on around you while you pick a lock.  If your distracted mistakes will happen.  I only had one pick and if it broke I was sunk.  Thankfully, it didn’t break and when the lock clicked, I sighed in relief and slowly and quietly open the cage door.  Naomi bit her lower lip as we shuffled out of the cage.

My plan was for both of us to just work our way past the sleeping bandits and out the entrance.  The only problem is that the bandits always kept at least two guards at the entrance.  They patrolled outside so they wouldn’t always be by the entrance they would have to be dealt with once we got there.  I however never found out if his could be accomplished.

“And just where do you think you are going?”

Looking behind me as I recognized the chieftain’s voice.  There he stood his sword pointed directly at my face. Naomi was behind him arms crossed looking at the floor.  What followed was a lesson in betrayal.  The chieftain punched me right across the face knocking me off my feet as the guards came in from outside and and grabbed me one on each arm and stood me up.  What followed was a series of blows from the chieftains fists into my gut and across my face as the guards held me.  During this beating, I passed out but woke up again in time to hear this.

“Throw her back in the cage”

The chieftain and his men slept the rest of the night and Naomi in the chieftain’s bed.  I could hear her giggling and them engage in sex again.  They left me bruised and bleeding.  I would have used my healing spell but I decided against it.  I didn’t know if Naomi had told them about the spell and thankfully I had never told her about the Flame spell.  I lay there bruised and bleeding.  My face must have been a puffed up mess and I could not see out one eye.  The next morning I was awakened by a bucket of water being poured over me through the bars.

Naomi was standing next to the chieftain.  She was dressed in studded armor and leather boots.  On her hip was a steel sword.  I almost laughed as I had never seen her even hold a weapon ever before.  She squatted down at the edge of the cage.

“Poor stupid blacksmith’s daughter.  Not as cleaver as you thought.”

I said something about her parents would have been proud to have raised such a whore.  She spit on me through the bars.

The chieftain then stood over me and informed me that they had a big raid planned for today so he would have to deal with me later.  He left only one guard but he knew without my pick I could not get out.  Once they had all left I healed myself.  I knew it was going to now or never.  The guard that was left was a young new addition to the clan – a strutting hot headed fool.  I remember when he joined as he had gotten me as a prize and part of his treatment of me was to slap me around while laughing at me.  He came into the room and said some pretty vile things about me.  My plan took shape as I insulted his manhood as being small and insignificant.  He said something else but I kept going after the fact his prick was no bigger than a needle. He told me to shut up or else.  I told him to go for it.  I could see I had his blood boiling.

He had been left the key to my cage so he pulled out and showed me.

“Watch it bitch, I can get to you.”

“You don’t have the guts nor the balls. Besides your prick is still small, I have firsthand experience.”

With that he opened the cage door.  As soon as it swung open flames shot from my fingers and burned him where he stood.  He never had a chance really.  His screams were music to my ears.  I reached forward and pulled his sword from its scabbard and drove it through his heart. It was my first kill.  My hands were shaking but I was free.

But I knew if I headed out the bandits would search for me, besides I had vengeance in my heart for Naomi, the chieftain and all those bastards.  They were all going to burn.  Thankfully I had plenty of time to prepare and the perfect tool.

In some time in the past the bandits had accosted an oil merchant and taken his stock.  Oil that was used in lamps and lanterns.   There was ten large clay pots of the stuff.  I placed eight of them in scattered places around the hideout.  I then punctured each of them near the bottom so the oil leaked out.  I then took the remaining two and connected the pools of oil with their contents ending with a pouring the rest of the last one down from the entrance into the cave.  The oil smell was no greater than it had been before and in the low light it wouldn’t be noticed unless someone slipped in it.   The cave was pretty rough though so I felt it would be OK.

Before leaving I gathered up some food and put it in a pack.  I put on some hide armor (it felt a little strange to be wearing clothes again) with some boots and bracers.  I found an old iron greatsword, it was a little rusted but I ran a whetstone along the edge and oiled it.  Not the greatest but it would do.  I then found my way out of the cave. There were some bushes across from the entrance of the cave where I could observe and yet remain hidden.

I waited patiently and as the sun was lowering in the sky, the bandits returned.  I saw Naomi with the chieftain out in front of the group.  She was smiling and laughing.  The bandits, like they always did, trusted the guard they left behind so they entered their hideout without alarm or too much caution.  I counted them.  Ten, eleven, twelve,  thirteen, fourteen, fifteen.  Adding Naomi that was all of them.  There was always a couple minute delay before they chose a guard so once the last one disappeared I picked up my sword and ran to the entrance as quietly as possible.  A cry of alarm came from inside.  Someone had discovered the body of the guard.

I reached the entrance and could hear the shuffling inside and cries of surprise.  I sheathed my sword over my back. I activated my flame spell and I watched for a few seconds as the flames licked around my fingers.  Then I saw a face coming up the entrance. Flames shot from my fingertips toward the oil on the ground.  The entrance exploded in flames and the figure kept coming at me.  I barely backed away when the Nord I had been gifted to as a prize just a couple nights before came out on fire.  He was charging straight at me.  I sidestepped and as he was blinded by the flames he missed me and I drew the greatsword.  He turned and came at me again, but he had miscalculated and as he went by, my sword went across his midsection.  He fell forward and never moved again.  Some prizes can bite you back.

I turned back to the entrance.  I could hear muffled cries and screams.  Above the din of the male cries I could hear a woman’s scream – Naomi.  I waited and listened.  Eventually the only sound I could hear was the sound of flames and then silence.  I turned away smiling and headed to the waterfall.  It was over.

Next: “Recapture”


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