The Blacksmith’s Daughter ( Skyrim Fan Fiction) – Introduction



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It has been a while since I have at down to write anything other than for school but this is an idea that has grown and it bears some expression in various forms.  The potential here for a great story is just too good to not give it a go.  A few salient facts to get started.

  1. I have been playing Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim for years now and I have come up with many builds and had many adventures playing that game.  The real issue is that I have never really found a character build to stick with all the way through and so I change from character to character as I get board.  I want this to change so I feel that combining telling a character’s story with playing the game will help with that problem.
  2. When I play games like Skyrim, I tend to emphasize role playing over building the best character.  This is a matter of personal desire but also practicality.  There was probably a time twenty years ago I would have played Skyrim on the highest difficulty and won becasue my reaction time and gamer skills were that good.  Not so much today as I am older.  I enjoy games but my days of being the local gaming legend are over.
  3. This is fan fiction and I am not planning on making a dime on it.  It, like all the rest of the things on The Beagle and the Courtesan, is a writing exercise and practice for something else.  This is for my enjoyment only.
  4. That said, I am also trying to create a character build that will be presentable for Tamriel Vault.  To  this end some rules are in effect.  I am limiting my game modification (mods) to things that help immersion into the game but do not affect the game in sense of modifying the quests or the game mechanics in a way that a person playing without mods would not be able to do.  Stuff effecting lighting, food and water consumption and other things that are aesthetic are OK.  Things like Amazing Follower Tweeks or Quest mods are not.  I am also limiting myself to houses and dwelling available in the official game.  I have all the official DLC (Downloadable content) for the game so we will be exploring that as well.
  5. The format for this will be simple: our heroine – The Blacksmith’s Daughter – will be writing journal posts to describe her adventures from her point of view.  It should be noted that the first few of these will be pre-game start to provide background.  After that, the journal entries will summarize the events of her life as she sees them.  It should be noted that her origin is rather dark so you have been warned.  This story definitely has adult concepts.
  6. There will be in this posts, from time to time, technical notes that relate to game play.  This is more to clear up confusion for those who don’t know Skyrim. I am no expert but I have been playing for a while so I will share what knowledge I can. These will appear at the bottom of each journal entry.

The next post will be Anya Fire-Heart’s  first entry as she is plunged headlong into the Imperial province know as Skyrim.


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