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The Wayfarer – Evard Raven-Blood (Skyrim Fan Fiction) – Part 1, Episode 3 – ‘Fresh Air’

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I asked the scribe if he had caught up.

“Certainly Dragonborn.  You can go as fast as you like, I have been trained to write quickly.”

Once Hadvar and I had made it into Helgen Keep, we took a breath and the Hadvar cut my bonds.  I began to look around and realized that the first order of business was survival. I did have to make some hard decisions though. Hadvar wanted me to take the armor I could find but I declined.  I never have liked wearing armor.  I only traded out the foot wraps for a pair of imperial boots.  I found a sword and tested it for weight.  My father had taught me some things about fighting when I was a boy and I was hoping they would come back to me.  I had my healing spell and a fire spell but I only used the fire spell to light fires.  I found some gold and a book which I wrapped up and a bottle of wine which I took a drink off as my mouth was dry.  Not the greatest image of the Dragonborn but it was a start.

It didn’t take us too long to run into some Stormcloaks.  Hadvar thought he could reason with them but I was skeptical keeping my hand on my sword hilt.  I was right. As soon as Hadvar appeared, the two Stormcloaks attacked. I drove in with my sword and thankfully Hadvar is a trained fighter.  I provided enough distraction for him to pretty much carry the day. One of the Stormcloaks was carrying a hide shield so I picked it up.

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“Dragonborn, could you talk about your fighting style for a moment. Why did you ultimately embrace Sword and Shield while wearing no armor?”

My personality I suppose.  My father worked as a blacksmith’s apprentice for a time and he used the time to teach me basics.  Just in case stuff.  The only real fighting I had ever done before Helgen had been with my mouth.  Debate and Discussion.  A good debater knows when to attack and when to defend.  It should be noted that my style of life reflects a talk first, fight second approach as well.  I never liked armor but Alteration magic can do that job without carrying around a lot of gear. Restoration to heal my wounds and fight the undead.  The Sword and Shield approach fits my personality and has some other benefits as well.  Mostly though I try to talk my way out of trouble and past obstacles.  The sword is ultimately a last resort.  The shield a lifesaver.   Image result for Skyrim Banded Shield

The Scribe nodded. and I continued.

There is not much really to tell of Helgen.  We headed into the keep’s underground areas.  We found the kitchen and had to fight two more Stormcloaks.  This time I killed one myself. I must pause and reflect here. It was the first person I had ever killed.  I looked into his eyes and thrust my blade into his chest.  I watched him fall. It gave my no satisfaction other than it was him or me and I prevailed.  Other than that I must say I still see the faces of the men and women I have killed in battle regardless of race in my dreams. This first one most of all.

We left the kitchen after gathering some food and then plunged down into the torture room.  Yes, that is what it was and thankfully in the brief battle between the Torturer, his assistant the two of us and the two Stormcloaks, the torturer was killed. Otherwise I might have taken my new killing skills and used them on him.  What I saw there reminded me too much of my imprisonment with the Thalmor.  The Empire needs to outlaw this crap.

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It was here that I found a backpack to put things in as well as a mage who had died in his cell.  I took his robes and hood but I didn’t put them on.  I would disenchant them later.  I also took four books although one I used immediately to learn a spell.  I must note here that I believe all these books are still in my personal library in Skyrim.

“At your passing Dragonborn, I have been instructed to ask what will happen to that collection?”

I told him it would probably pass to my family.  I mean it is a tremendous fountain of knowledge that I know many of them will appreciate.

“I see.” He looked disappointed.

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In any case we pressed on and found that the dragon attack had opened up a tunnel at the end of the dungeon into more natural caverns.  As we pressed on we found a large chamber that had five Stormcloaks.  It was three to five as the torturer’s assistant had come with us.  In the ensuing battle the assistant was killed along with the five Stormcloaks. We pressed on and found a lever to lower a bridge. Once we crossed it, we heard a dragon roar and a large stone block fell on the wooden bride behind us, destroying it.  There was no going back.  We kept going and found a chamber full of Frostbite Spiders. We killed them but it was no small matter. Frostbite venom lives up to its name and I thank the Nine that I had my healing spell.

Our last encounter was with a bear.  She was old, sick and obviously dangerous.  She had obviously been killing people for a while for food.  I approached and the two of us put her down.  We then could feel the breeze of the exit.  Fresh air. We found the mouth of the cave and exited into Skyrim.  We had escaped Helgen.


The Blacksmith’s Daughter (Skyrim Fan Fiction) Part 5, Episode 5 – “The Break of Dawn”

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Journal of Anya Fire-Heart – Middas, 24th of Hearthfire, 4th Era, Year 201

“The Break of Dawn”

I must say something about this song I have now heard a few times called “The Dragonborn Comes”.  I am the Dragonborn, so it seems that this song which claims I will be the end of the evil of all Skyrim’s foes is a little overblown.  It also seems to be problematic since there is a guy named Miraak claiming to be the true Dragonborn. His cultists have tried to kill me three times. Twice today.  I am getting the feeling I might have to take a trip to Solstheim to resolve this.  There is just so much to do here in Skyrim.

We left Solitude this morning.  I had resolved to return the beacon of Meridia to Mount Kilkreath and then perhaps head out to retrieve the Rueful Axe from Rimerock Burrow.  Barbas seems anxious and I want to accelerate getting him back with his master.  That and he seems to be a ‘dirty dog’.  Has a nasty tendency to shove his nose in a place where dogs shouldn’t when he comes up behind me.  He also seems to bark whenever he feels like it. He has on more than one occasion alerted the enemy before I was ready.  We headed out but before I left I told my carriage driver to wait and Dragon Bridge.

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We arrived at Mount Kilkreath and I heard some chanting and looking around found a Word Wall right out in the open.  The Word was Elemental Fury an I unlocked it with a dragon soul.  I then ascended the steps to the statue of Meridia who had been speaking the entire time about the lack of faithfulness of mortals.  Once I reached the top I placed the beacon in the spot for it.  I found myself ascending into the sky.  Meridia was surrounded in light so intense it was all I could see.  Her instructions to me were clear.  Kill the Necromancer Malkoran and retrieve her artifact Dawnbreaker.  I agreed to do it and suddenly I fell back to the place on top of her shrine.

Barbas behind me, we entered the ruins and immediately my skin began to crawl.  I ran into the corpse of an imperial soldier and his body had been blackened by corruption.  The ruin itself was simple enough but I had to guide the beam of light provided by Meridia’s beacon through it.  I had to find pedestals and activate then which would redirect the beam and send it to the next pedestal.  Along the way we ran into what I will describe as Corrupted Shades.  They were ghosts but dark as night and much tougher than ghost I had run into before.  Thankfully they don’t seem to like fire and burn very nicely.  Over and over we found corrupted bodies as well.

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Once we had traveled all the way through, we found Malkoran in the last chamber surrounded by these Corrupted Shades. Barbas charged in and took out one but it was my Fire Breath and Fore Cloaks that destroyed most of them.  Malkoran himself proved difficult to kill and then once he was dead he turned into a corrupted Shade himself and we had to kill him a second time.  Finally he was dead and I took Dawnbreaker from its pedestal.

Dawnbreaker is a brightly shining sword that absolutely looks fantastic.  Its central hilt glowed with golden light.  As soon as I took the sword in hand I found myself transported back into the sky into Meridia’s presence.  I don’t think she said thank you and practically assumed that I would follow her instructions.  More of ‘its about time’ and then she charged me with taking the sword and destroying corruption with it in her name.  I like the sword but honestly its a one-handed weapon so it is really not my style of fighting, and Meridia has a bad attitude, so maybe I will and maybe I won’t.  I found myself back on the ground in front of her statue.

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Barbas and I journeyed to Rimerock Cavern.  Once inside it didn’t take long for us it find Sebastian Lort and once he and his pet Flame Atronach were killed I found the Rueful Axe on an altar.  It seems to be an interesting but clumsy weapon. It does not swing near the speed of the Ebony Blade.  I thought about retrieving the Shalidor Writings from Northwatch Keep but I felt the climb down and back would take too much time.  Perhaps another time when I already down there along the coast.  We headed back to Dragon Bridge.

My carriage driver was waiting as instructed and so I ordered him to take us back to Lakeview Manor.  We arrived late but I am in good spirits.  I now only need to get back to Haemar’s Shame and then Barbas will be reunited with Vile.  I have certainly benefited from his presence, but he is as I say, problematic as a companion.  Then again I have said that about a lot of companions, so perhaps I am simply meant to walk alone.

Next: Geirmund’s Hall

Commentary – The Ethics of Putting Me in Skyrim (Part 1)

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I have engaged my slowdown.  Mostly, I have pastor stuff that piled up and I have my independent study to finish. My self-imposed deadline for the later is Saturday. I don’t want that hanging over me while I am on vacation from the 3rd to the 16th. That said my two Skyrim Fan Fictions will be going forward back and forth each day.

One of the issues with my second fan fiction was placing myself in Skyrim involves ethical choices that reflect role play. It sound easy to play yourself but then again it is Skyrim so the ethical choices can be extreme. I had to even consider some in coming up with my background as a person who was actually born in Skyrim.

I have only had one wife for 28 years in the real world but in the Skyrim background I have two.  This reflected the fact that had my wife lived in Skyrim she would have died in childbirth as my first child required surgery and other things to come into this world.  So my real world wife gets split into two for the purposes of reflecting what would have happened in Skyrim.  Both die, because there is no way I would flee to Skyrim if my wife was still alive without taking her. The story of the game allows for marriage after entering Skyrim but not taking a spouse into it with you so this was necessary.

I still get three children but I have to leave them behind as well.  The only way I would leave them behind and break contact is if by so doing it kept them safe.  Family is very important to me so unless I was separating to protect them, I am fairly sure I would still keep in contact.  If I had to enter the witness protection program, I hope they would understand that I can’t talk to them but still love them.

My career was a different matter as the way you start careers in the real world and Skyrim are going to be different. The medieval world believed in the master-apprentice system where a master would pass on their trade to an apprentice(s); usually family but not always.  There were a couple of exceptions.  Younger siblings might have to leave family to find an apprenticeship elsewhere or if male one could join the army or priesthood.  Thing is in Skyrim, priesthood does not imply celibacy, so the priesthood is still good for me but the idea of apprenticeship means you become an acolyte and learn the trade.  The priests and monks are usually the scholars as well, so this was not a problem for my education level.  Just make me a priest that reads a lot and teaches.

The real problem is translating Christianity into Skyrim terms.  The closest fit is Talos as he is the man become God whereas Christian theology had God becoming man in Jesus. There are also aspects of the Divines that are obviously inspired by Christianity.  Mara equates to Mary. Kynareth as the Holy Spirit, Akatosh and Stendarr definitely fit the bill of the Father. The other Divines reflect some of the Saints.  Dibella is a little problematic.  The issue is of course there are vast differences between Monotheism and Polytheism.  We will see if these develops in the story.  Perhaps Evard will develop a whole new theology of the divines…and be branded a heretic.  Maybe.

I am pretty sure I will do these ethical consideration posts from time to time as the story unfolds.

Thanks for reading.

The Wayfarer – Evard Raven-Blood (Skyrim Fan Fiction) Part 1, Episode 2 – ‘Finding Cover’

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“I think that will be enough background Dragonborn”

I told the scribe I preferred to be called Evard.

“That would hardly be proper.”

I really hate the whole proper thing, who determines these things?

“Could you describe your escape from Helgen?”

It seemed like a long time ago in that so many things had happened since then but in truth it was not as long as it felt.  I suppose it all started in Helgen.

I woke up with a killer headache and a sudden realization that I had been stripped of all my possessions.  I also knew the feel of prison rags on my body and my hands were tightly bound with leather strips   I was in a carriage pulled by a find brown horse and the driver was an Imperial soldier.  Inside the Cart with me were Ralof of Riverwood, Lokir of Rorikstead and Ulfric Stormcloak.  I found out these names as I went along but for the purposes of history I will give their names now.  Ulfric was bound and gagged to keep him from using the voice.  The discussion turned on who should be there and Lokir was of the opinion I shared which was neither of us should be there.  The issue though was the Stormcloak rebels.

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I was now very concerned that I might be executed along with the rebels and all I had done was walk into the ambush at the same time as the rebels.  When I looked up a town was coming into view – Helgen.  As we passed the main gate Ralof pointed out that there were Thalmor present.  I slide down in my seat and looked off to the side so they couldn’t get a straight shot at my face. We rolled through the town and we ended in the square by one of the main towers.  The headsman and an Imperial Captain were waiting for us.

We exited the cart, and then they began to have a roll call.  Ulfric and Ralof went to their places but Lokir ran for it and was shot down by archers.  Their problem with me was, I wasn’t on their list.  Hadvar asked the Captain what to do and her reply made me speechless – she said I should still be executed.  It was bad enough that I was unlawfully captured, but now I would be executed at the word of a Captain without trial! It just shows the injustice of the Empire at times.

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“Dragonborn, are you sure you want stuff like that placed in your memoirs?”

I informed him that I did and that from now on if he asked me such a question again, I might be tempted to use my Unrelenting Force shout on him and walk out.  I will not be censored.  If the Emperor has a problem with my opinions about him or his precious Empire, he can come down and speak to me himself. I told the scribe that if he wanted my true opinion, I would say that the Empire’s survival is due to Titus Mead II’s brilliant plan at the Battle of the Red Ring, dumb luck, the favor of Divines and the fact I sided with him during the Stormcloak rebellion in Skyrim bringing dragons to his aid. Otherwise we might all be bowing down to the Thalmor.  The Empire was like any other nation with its good and ,bad points.  The scribe shook his head and continued writing.

We walked to the block and General Tullius was chiding Ulfric for starting the Civil War and murdering the High King.  As soon as he was done we heard for the first time the echo of a dragon roar only at the time we didn’t know what it was.  The Captain was ordered to give us our last rites and the priestess started but when the words ‘Eight Divines’ were uttered, I was about to whisper ‘and Talos’ that one of the Stormcloak basically stormed forward volunteering for death.  He chided the Imperials saying he knew his ancestors were smiling at him could the Imperials say the same.  He was a brave and foolish man.  Had we let the last rites continue, Alduin would have attack long before any of us had went to the block.  As it was he was executed and I was next.

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I didn’t say much.  I mean what could I say .  I had just seen a man go bravely to the block.  We heard the dragon roar again only closer but the Captain pressed the issue and ordered me forward.  I found myself kneeling with my head on the block the fresh blood of the man who had just died touching my ear.  That’s when Alduin flew into view, landed on the tower behind the executioner and cause hooded man to stumble.  Then Alduin shouted which called a storm of fiery rocks and then he shouted again knocking me off the block.  I heard Ralof’s voice and stumbled to me feet and followed him to another nearby tower.  Alduin’s storm and roar echoed in my ears.

In the tower was Ulfric, Ralof and three other Stormcloaks two of which were injured.  There was disbelief in everyone’s eyes, probably mine as well.  A Dragon, the stuff of legends but no one had seen one in hundreds of years. Ulfric pressed us to action and the only route we had was to go up further in the tower.  I asked if I could get my bonds cut but was ignored and we headed up the stairs. We got to the second floor landing when a part of the tower right in front of us smashed in and Alduin’s head stuck and fired a fiery blast that filled the tower. Shortly afterwards he was gone and Ralof was telling me to jump into the inn which was missing part of the roof.       Image result for skyrim Helgen alduin tower

I jumped, despite my fear of heights and ran through the broken and burning second floor of what had been the inn. I dropped down through a hole in the floor to the ground floor.  As I exited I watched Alduin drop down and kill and man who was lying wounded on the street. Hadvar and another man grabbed a boy and pulled him away.  He saw me and marveled I was still alive.  He then told me if I wanted to stay that way, I should stay close.  So I followed him.

We found ourselves running through a narrow gap between building when Alduin nearly landed on top of us.  I watch him burn a soldier to a crisp and then he hurled himself skyward. Hadvar and I ran forward again and found General Tullius rallying a defense of mages and archers by the gate.  He told Hadvar and I to make our way to the keep.  We did so.

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We made the short run from where we were to the keep. We ran into Ralof along the way.  An argument ensued between Ralof and Hadvar which I considered foolish.  By the gods we were being attacked by a dragon and they were still discussing politics.  In the end, the two headed two separate directions and both were calling to me to follow them.

I made my choice that day I suppose.  As much as I admired the Stormcloaks for their grit and determination as well as their faith, I couldn’t do it.  I followed Hadvar.  All I could see was a divided Empire swallowed up by the Aldmeri Dominion piece by piece and that is something I could not accept.  Of course what I was thinking at the time had little to do with politics.  I figured if I made it out of Helgen alive, I would want the someone in the Empire to owe me enough to get a pardon or whatever to clear my name.  These thoughts were racing through my head as I finally found cover inside Helgen Keep.

The Blacksmith’s Daughter (Skyrim Fan Fiction) – Part 5, Episode 4 – “Sunderstone Gorge”

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Journal of Anya Fire-Heart – Tirdas, 23rd of Hearthfire, 4th Era, Year 201

“Sunderstone Gorge”

When I awoke in the morning I sat down to my table to figure out what route I could take to Rimerock Burrow.  The issue was could I use Barbas to get some other work done along the way.  I was thinking that I could take the carriage to Solitude and then turn in Rjorn’s Drum to the Bard’s College.  I then could stop and Meridia’s temple and use the beacon I had been carrying around for a while to ‘clear it of darkness’ as she said.  I could then proceed to Rimerock which also was near Northwatch Keep.  Northwatch Keep was where Urag said one of Shalidor’s writings was.  I had cleared it of Thalmor before but they might have returned.

“Sunderstone Gorge”

The whispering voice of Mephala again.  I began to check my map and realized that Sunderstone Gorge was in Falkreath.  I modified my plan a bit. I left Lakeview Manor and told my carriage driver to go to Rorikstead and I would meet him there.  I then headed off, Barbas in tow, to Sunderstone.

I hadn’t run very far along the southern road bordering the lake when  a frightened woman ran up to me and asked where she was.  She told me she had escaped Mistwatch Keep where bandits had imprisoned her.  She was lost and needed me to point her to the nearest town.  I asked her if she needed an escort but she said no but that if I could clear Mistwatch of the bandits, I would be a hero. I will put it on my list.

As I neared Sunderstone, I heard the roar of a dragon.  I was nearing the crossroad area between Falkreath and Whiterun Hold and I saw the dragon circling overhead.  I noticed an empty dragon mound in the midst of some stone henges  nearby.  The dragon saw me and perhaps sensed me and swooped down to attack me.  The battle was fierce as this seemed to be a much stronger dragon than I had encountered before but I prevailed.  As the soul of the dragon entered me I knew the dragon had been named Voljotnaak.  I had no words to unlock but the dragon’s soul was mine.

In continued on to Sunderstone. and the first thing I had to deal with was a magic user guard outside.  After killing her, I went into the Gorge and found a nest of Fire Wizards who had laid out all sorts of fire traps.  I overcame them all and their traps.  The dungeon was not large but at the end there was three significant finds.  Firstly a Flame Atronach which seemed to summon itself. Of course my flame did not affect it much but the Ebony Blade made short work of it.  After killing the last two wizards in the chamber I found another one of the Stones of Barenziah on an altar and finally there was the Word Wall.  The word of power was the third word I needed for my Fire Breath shout.  I used a dragon soul and unlocked its meaning.  My Fire Breath is now full power and to add to it my meditations on Yol that I learned from Paarthurnax as well as my own magical knowledge of fire have made it even more powerful.

I would put this to the test as I neared Rorikstead.  I heard another dragon and saw it circling near Rorikstead.  I headed up the bluff and the dragon and I fought.  I used my Fire Breath Shout on it and it was devastating in its power.  It hurt the dragon even though it was a fire breather. I can’t imagine what it will do to other people and creatures.  The dragon was very tough and it took a long battle to defeat it but in the end its souls was mine.  I also knew its name – Nahagliiv. The dragon mound on the bluff over Rorikstead was empty.  I fear Alduin has been busy resurrecting his allies.

In Rorikstead, I found my carriage driver and we headed to Solitude. I entered the city without incident.  They still are apparently not aware that I fight for the Stormcloaks. I turned in Rjorn’s Drum to Giraud Gemane and in return he trained me in many of the martial arts.  I thanked him and headed to the Winking Skeever for the night.

I have to thank Mephala’s guidance today.  Not only did I learn the last word of Fire Breath, but I also eliminated two enemy dragons. Barbas is closer to our goal, so he seems content.  My conversations with him haven to gotten much farther than our task and his continued warnings not to trust Vile.  That said, having an immortal daedric dog as a fighting companion is a clear advantage. In the morning, I will head to Meridia’s Temple to rid myself of her beacon. Hopefully whatever lies within burns.

Next: The Break of Dawn


The Blacksmith’s Daughter (Skyrim Fan Fiction) – Part 5, Episode 3 – Haemar’s Shame

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Journal of Anya Fire-Heart – Morndas, 22nd of Hearthfire, 4th Era, Year 201

“Haemar’s Shame”

This morning I began the trek to Haemar’s Shame.  If the daedric dog Barbas was there like he said he was going to be then I would see what it was he wanted.  In any case, there was a book Urag wanted in the cave as well.  The road would take me up through Helgen and then through the mountains to Haemar’s Shame.

Since Helgen’s destruction, the place has become a haven for bandits.  I mean they often find it is a place to rest or set up camp.  Helgen now attracts bandits like a flame attracts moths.  This being the case I always find something when I pass through here and have to kill them.  This time was no exception and I killed the three that got in my way.  As I headed out of Helgen and neared the Stormcloak camp I found the site of an ambush.  It had been a khajiit caravan and all of them had been slaughtered leaving their two carts and two dead horses.

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As I approached the cry of bandits went up.  It was a trap but they trapped more than they bargained for.  I killed all four of them and then looted them and the caravan.  I continued on to Haemar’s Shame. Barbas was waiting outside and after talking to him he told me the nature of his problem was that his master had banished him and he needed someone to reconcile them.  The moment he said Vile I knew who I was dealing with – Clavicus Vile. I took a breath and agreed to help but took seriously Barbas’ advice not to trust any deal he made with me.

Haemar’s shame was Vampire infested with the thralls as backup.  There was a Frostbite Spider in their as well.  All of these have a particular weakness – fire.  Between my Flame Cloak and a few well place Fire Runes and Firebolts they whole lot of them melted before me.  I looted and plundered my way through and in the end found a statue of the Daedric Lord.

Image result for skyrim clavicus vile

It was shall I say an interesting conversation.  When I asked a boon of him, he said sure seeing I had helped him fulfill the request of the last worshipers – they wanted to be free of vampirism- he would be happy to grant a boon. By killing them all I had granted their wish. When I asked for him and Barbas to be reunited, he at first said no deal, but then he seemed to realize his situation and offered to reconcile if I recovered a very powerful axe that was in Rimerock Burrow.  I asked Barbas about this and he said it was one of Clavicus’ little jests. Sebastian Lort had a daughter who was a werewolf.  He couldn’t take seeing his daughter turn into a beast so he had asked Lord Vile to cure her.  Vile gave him an axe.

I found the book Urag was looking for and put it in my pack and then went back through Haemar’s Shame to make sure I hadn’t missed anything. Rimerock Burrow is on the other side of Skyrim near Northwatch Keep.  This is going to require a lengthy journey.  I suppose along the way I can ask Barbas to help me with some other jobs that need doing.  Then of course is the journey back.

Related image

As we headed back to Lakeview Manor and reached the site of the ambushed caravan, three more bandits attacked us.  With Barbas’ help they were dispatched very quickly.  At Lakeview, I sorted out the stuff I wanted to store there and then packed up for my journey tomorrow.  I will have to sit down and decide where I want to go.  As much as I would like to help Barbas directly, he could be very helpful along my journey.  I will sleep on it.

Next: Sunderstone Gorge

The Wayfarer – Evard Raven-Blood (Skyrim Fan Fiction) – Part 1, Episode 1 – “The Scribe”


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“Are you comfortable sir?”

I was not and I told him so.  This whole project was not my idea.  They can pad the chairs all the want, give me a fine meal and lay out for me the finest Alto Wine and I would still be uncomfortable.  I told him that too.

“Sorry to hear that, are we ready to begin the dictation?”

The Imperial Library Scribe was young.  He seemed pleasant enough for thin young man dressed in robes.   I could only see his black beard and smile. I smiled and realized that if both of us were going to be caught in this rat trap, I might as well be pleasant.  I asked if he was sure of the Emperor’s instructions.

“Certainly sir. Dictate all significant information regarding your time in the North, particularly during the Skyrim Crisis.”

Skyrim Crisis.  Gods it was at least one hundred crises at once.  Historians always like to break things down into impressive sounding titles.  Helps them sell books.  I asked if there was anything else.

“Yes, The Emperor wants all your information regarding what it was like to be Dragonborn during these events. He feels often that such events often don’t have the first hand accounting and wants you to tell the story in your own words so posterity will have your account.”

So they can question it, dissect it and then ignore it to come up with their own alternative theories.  I kept that to myself.  Titus Mead II owes me a lot, but Emperors tend to see things differently even when you help them.  I asked where I should begin.

“Let’s start with some background on you.  Your parents, family, education, occupation and so forth.  Before you went to Skyrim”

I began my story and the scribe started writing.

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My parents were Gerald and Joanna Raven-Blood.  Not that my father was a Raven-Blood by birth.  He had been adopted by the Raven-Bloods along with two other boys when he was a child.  His mother having left him at an orphanage due to poverty.  Don’t really know much about my real grandfather, nothing really.  My Mother however came from and old farming family who had a large farm in Cyrodiil. Her family name was Steady-Stone.  Not a remarkable family but comfortable financially.

The Raven-Bloods were well off as well due mostly to the hard work of my adopted grandfather, but my adopted grandmother was a shrew.  She beat the kids unmercifully including my father.  Once my father was old enough he joined the Imperial Navy.  He wandered for a little while but then return to the Imperial City where he met my mother who was an apprentice alchemist. Both families agreed that this was a good match although based on what my father said, they were already pretty ‘involved’, so they were going to get married regardless.

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They married and after a few years I was born on the 18th of First Seed, Year 153, 4th Era. I was an only child.  My parents wanted more children but they got me only.  I was tall skinny kid who grew up into a tall skinny young man. My hair was a light brown and my eyes remain hazel.  My education consisted of my mother teaching and some formal.  My dad didn’t read very well but my mother was deep into reading.  She taught me and I took to it like a fish to water.  By the time my parents hired a tutor, I was already well advanced in reading.  I had a tutor for a while then when she concluded I need something better.  I found myself in the Imperial Library learning whatever I wanted to learn and the Temple learning about the Nine Divines.

Religion and faith became a big part of my life as I grew older.  I was the kid that was always good and got into little trouble.  I guess being skinny and awkward will lead you that way.  I grew up and was encouraged by people to be a priest and a teacher.  I had just become and Acolyte of the Nine and the Great War broke out on the 30th of Frostfall.  I prayed and offered comfort for the next few years as well as healing.  I became priest when one of the priests went off to war and never came back.  During this time I met my first wife.  We were married one year before the Imperial City was sacked.  That is a day I will ever forget. The Thalmor broke into the city and under Lord Naarifin the most despicable atrocities were committed.

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My wife (who was with child) and I were imprisoned.  I was told I could go back to the temple if I would renounce Talos.  I told them to go to Oblivion and that’s when they used my wife against me.  She went into labor in prison and the Thalmor agents tied her legs together so she couldn’t give birth.  I was told she could have the baby, if I would renounce Talos.  I saw her pain and did renounce the god.  They untied her but didn’t keep their promise.  Instead they slit her throat right in front of me and threw her naked body into the rubbish heap of bodies.  My guess is the child died in her womb. Then they threw me into a dark cell to rot but I survived thanks to the Divines.  When the Imperial City was liberated, they found me and freed me.  When Lord Naarifin was executed, I cheered.

The White-Gold Concordant was a slap in the face to me, but I was politically savvy enough to know why it needed to be done.  With Talos worship outlawed, I helped gather the Talos Shrines in the city and we placed them in hidden locations. including one in a secret room in the basement of my home.  After a year I fell in love again with a fiery red-haired Nord lass of deep faith and married her.  Our passion was probably pretty evident to all as over the next five years we produced three children – two boys and one girl.  The next years were some of the best in my life.  I found myself priest and teacher of faith. I had to of course be able to switch from Nine to Eight divines in my public teaching leaving out Talos.  At my hidden shrine I kept him in.  My children grew and my wife and I loved deeply.


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My second wife and I watched as our three children grew up.  They all found different occupations and eventually moved out of the Imperial City to other places.  My wife and I settled down to a life of loving one another and helping the people of faith.

The reason I left for Skyrim was simple.  The Thalmor found out about my Shrine.  One of the parishioners had been caught with an amulet of Talos and after interrogation he fingered my wife and I to save his life.  I don’t blame him as I understand what the Thalmor can do, so I forgave him.  That said the consequences were severe.  I was thrown in prison again with my wife.  I only saw her alive one time after that.  It was when they brought her in front of me to hear her confession but she had fooled them.  She had used it as a way to see me one last time  She told me she loved me and then told them to take her confession and stick it up their asses. They slit her throat in front of me. The Thalmor apparently have no originality in killing people particularly my wives.  I cried that night for a long time in my cell.  I knew I was next, so I was comforted in that I would see her again in Sovngarde very soon.

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It never happened as in the middle of the night a High Elf agent of the Emperor came and helped me escape.  My friends and family had appealed to the Emperor and he had set in motion the process of rescue without implicating himself.  I was taken to a secluded place and there I found they had smuggled out my wife’s body as well.  In the catacombs we gave her a proper funeral.  They then told me I need to leave the city and probably never return.  My oldest son was there and after hugging me and crying on my neck, he told me he would tell the other two not to try to contact me but that I was alive.  He told me not to tell him where I was heading and after he left, My friends then suggested Skyrim. For a Nord it was the safest place.  I had never been there but the thought of seeing my ancestral homeland filled me with joy. It was after all the land of Talos.

I was smuggled out of the Imperial City in a cart and I found myself in Bruma. I had traveled on occasion in Cyrodiil many times but I had only left Cyrodiil once when I traveled to Morrowind just across the border to help with refugees. At that moment, I realized that I had lived a fairly comfortable and easy life.  It had been, other than my two times in prison, comfortable and safe.  Now, I was an exile and I wanted to use that to my advantage.  I would become a wayfarer, a traveler.  Time to walk across Skyrim and rediscover my faith and explore the land of Talos.

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In Bruma, I rested and recovered in the house of a friend.  Once I was well enough, I was given some traveling clothes, a backpack and some food and pointed to the road north. I walked for a couple of days trying to find a way into Skyrim that was not observed by the Thalmor. I found a path less traveled and found myself hiking near Darkwater Crossing. I walked right into the middle of an Imperial Ambush.  The Stormcloaks had walked right into it at the same time and in the ensuing chaos I was knocked out.  I would not awaken for some time.