Rabyd Reading Report (RRR) – Calvin and Hobbes

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I do apologize for not writing too much lately but then again I designed this blog to fit when I could write.  I have few things in the works but I haven’t had the time to do the quality of work i want to do with some of the stuff I am writing so I will use this Rabyd Reading Report (RRR from now on) to talk about the other side of this blog which is what I am reading.

Now, I want to clarify here that just like I am not going to write any non-fiction here I am also not going to talk about non-fiction reading either.  I mean I am reading a ton of non-fiction for school and I could talk about that but this blog is about small escapes from reality so why would I invite reality in here.  So these reading reports will be about what I have read, am reading and/or plan to read.  And it has to be fiction.

It should be noted that I am one of those readers that has three to four books on his end table by his bedside and it really is one of those “what do I feel like reading tonight?”  Right now are three books in process: The Complete Cthulhu Chronicles by H P Lovecraft, The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice and Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins.  I usually keep four but I just recently finished the Complete Calvin Hobbes by Bill Watterson.

Calvin and Hobbes is a cartoon series that debuted in 1985 and finished in December 1995.  In short it was something I could count on from the time I was Junior in high school until I was almost done with seminary.  It was truly brilliant and it did the two things that make me nostalgic (yes there are only two things). First, it takes me back to childhood.  Calvin was so me when I was in elementary school.  Imaginative, in my own world and living for summer.  The only difference between me and Calvin was he hates to read and I loved to read back then. Well we both loved comic books.  We were both only children who focused on an imaginary friend becasue we had few others. Secondly, it involves a time before computers became big and smart hones existed so we had to do things like play to entertain ourselves.  Calvin and I grew up in those kind of times and it pulls me back instantly.

I was very sad when Calvin and Hobbes rode off into the snow on their sled and it was kind of a strange but fitting end to a series that began with Calvin catching Hobbes in a tiger trap baited with a tuna fish sandwich.  The two friends would hang out with one another, wander the woods, pester Suzie Derkins, drive Mom and Dad mad, and Calvin would give Mrs. Wormwood his teacher fits to the point of several trips to principles office.  Who could forget Spaceman Spiff’s interstellar adventures or Stupendous Man’s fight against the nefarious Mom Lady.  Calvinball remains my favorite sport.  Yukon Ho!

Having finished though the finality of it all comes crashing back in again.  I feel as though the childhood lost is lost again.  For a while I had it back and it was good.  Time is a relentless bastard.  I did find something that gave me hope that Calvin and Hobbes grew up but never stopped wandering the realm of imagination. Only now it is with a Suzie Derkins but with Hobbes in tow.  There are also other stories where Hobbes is passed on to the child of Suzie and Calvin.  There is also a sadder version where Calvin on his death bed hands Hobbes to a grandchild after a short final conversation with Hobbes.  For me, I see Calvin and Hobbes in a Peter Pan sort mindset.  Forever sledding, wandering and imagining.  Blessings and Cheers!

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