Tales of the Beagle and the Courtesan – The Story of the Beagle and the Courtesan (Part Two)

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I apologize for taking so long to continue my story.  No sooner than I got finished with part one that I began to feel sick; some damn cold bug or something but it took a long time to get rid of so it was all I could do to keep my pub running smoothly.  I left off describing some of the early history of the pub and giving some insights as to what my business is for the most part.  I want to describe the pub as best I can.

The pub is sandwiched between two other businesses in the central market square on the south center.  I won’t go into the two businesses flanking it too much as they have changed so many times that even in my short time as pub master for my family i have seen them both change hands at least a half a dozen times.  It is said there is a particular curse on my neighbors but I have never been able to confirm this curse or who put it on them.  Currently their is a florist to the right of the pub as you would look at it outside coming in and a cigar shop to the left.   Neither one of them has been open for more than a couple years.  In an case, neither one of my neighbors is particularly social nor do I really feel the need to get to know them, they might be gone tomorrow.

The pub itself is a typical storefront type of building.  The ground floor is the pub of course.  The front of the pub has two central doors made of oak and they each have a small round window in them.  They are pretty thick and are taller and wider than normal doors as some of my patrons are not shall we say exactly human.  Flanking the doors as you walk in are dark grey brick walls going each direction.  There are no windows in these walls except high up to let in light but you would have to be a giant or troll to see in.  Most of my patrons value their privacy and as you can imagine if they use the upstairs services discretion is a premium.  The width of the whole thing is about 40 feet as it takes up two storefront sizes on the city plan.  The store sign hangs in the center over the door depicting on both sides as reclining naked woman on a blue couch with a beagle laying on the floor beside her. The width of the pub means as you come in you will struck by the fact that you are flanked by two rows of oak supporting columns.  This essentially divides the pub in half with a double door width path through the middle.  The pub is 120 feet deep so it is still pretty spacious.

The right side when you are coming in is all booths probably larger that modern booths as they are designed with larger occupants in mind but the oak.  The left side is a little more hodge-podge as the first part is scattered tables and chairs until you get to the back left hand corner where you find the bar.  The bar itself is an L shape and surrounded by stools the wall behind the bar is covered in various drinks from all over the world as I keep a well stocked bar but most notably is a sign for Beagle Brew which My granddad had made and is our label as well.  It is of a side shot of a beagle sitting with a foaming stein right in front of him.  The background is a light tan and the lettering is black with the word ‘Beagle’ over top of the dog and ‘Brew’ below him. The dog looks like Pint.  Oddly enough Pint does not seem to care for Beagle Brew preferring to be kind of a beer snob liking only high priced American and British beer.  I of course have a lot of beers and ales on tap as well including a couple casks of Beagle Brew at all times.  The lighting is best described as torchlight because that it what it is.  Many torch sconces cover the pub and they are all magical in nature in that they never burn out.

Some other oddities behind the bar are the medal hanging on a small hook that the my great, great, great, great grandma won from the revolution.  It is gold and says only that it was given for gratitude for services to the Republic.  There is also a decent sized mirror in the center and above that a large painting of another naked woman.  It is titled simply “Reclining Nude” and the woman is a beautiful redhead in a reclining but full frontal nude pose with a particularly fetching smile on her face. I guess it was a gift to one of my fore bearers although no one seems to know from who or to who.  In any case it seems to have a magical quality about it as even my wife tried to get rid of it but every time she went to grab it off the wall she would just forget what she had been thinking and walk away.  Some sort of permanent suggestion spell or something. I do know one thing according to the records, there has never been a time where one of the girls upstairs has not been a redhead and you can call me daft but I think there is a connection to the painting.  The last oddity of note is a sign which simply reads – “No shirt, no shoes, no problem”.  This is very much a ‘come as you are’ place.

The bar itself is worn down with many generations of elbows and slopped liquor since the pub was rebuilt as The Beagle and the Courtesan.  It is a long oak top polished to a high shine with outer edges high enough that I can slide drinks to the patrons.  The cash register is on the end furthest from the door and under it is my account book for every regular who has a tab. There is also one other item back here my BFG – that stands for Big F@#%ing Gun.  It is of my own design and maybe when I describe other parts of the pub I will let you know more about what it does.  For now I will simply say that this gun is the reason that bar fights around here are rare and usually over very quickly.

When you come in and look to the left you will see a spiral staircase in the very corner of the pub and that leads to the upstairs apartments.  There are three on each floor and the hallways in the upper floors are wide enough for two people to walk abreast.  Each apartment has been redesigned many times but standard features are a corner full bathroom and a large main room for each.  They are all roughly 35 feet wide and 40 feet long.  Large enough for a single occupant whose main business involves a large luxurious bed in the center of each apartment although floor plans are usually to the tastes of the individual courtesan who uses them.  They re numbered simply enough 1 through 3 on the second floor and 4 through 6 on the third floor.  On the furthest end of the top floor hallway is a trap door and metal ladder leading to the roof.

The back 20 feet is devoted to two rest rooms and a small kitchen which serves quickly made food for the patrons.  You can go out the back of the kitchen to the alley and the stairway that leads down to the basement level.  In old days it was simply a cellar and storage for all the casks but it finally a was expanded to the point that it extended all the way underneath the whole pub. I will talk about this more in my next entry as I need to get to work.  That’s all for now.

Blessings and Cheers!!!


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