Tales of Amok – The Origins of Amok

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I suppose we should start at the beginning with my experiences and friendship with the wild mage Amok.  I of all people know probably know the most about this mysterious half-elf from the north. I also watched over him the most as we adventured and wandered the north lands.  I must admit the origins of Amok are a bit mysterious but several times I would see him reading books and one of those books was a journal of a half-elf Elzar.  After many times asking one day he handed the book over for me to read.  It didn’t take me long to figure out Elzar and Amok were the same person but the writing in the journal was logical and ordered but Amok as I knew him then was far from it.  The descriptions however were uncanny in their resemblance as far as how Elzar described how he looked.

All of it was in his own hand and it matched Amok’s penmanship and often leaves years out but what he seemed to be journal important and significant events of his life.  It ends a little before I met Amok but something obviously happened to change him permanently as far as personality and when I asked him about the journal he would say he found it in his stuff and seemed to belong to someone else.  I had to conclude that it was a time before Amok was Amok.  This journal becomes the basis of Amok’s background story as best as I can tell.

Amok was born in the northern highlands to a human woman named Zara who named him Elzar which she said was the same name as his father.  That would never be confirmed in Elzar’s mind as he would never meet his father.  Elzar father’s fate is unknown except he makes a note that his mother said his father was an adventurer and headed off to explore some dungeon but never returned.  While Elzar would never know his father, Amok would find him later but that is a story for another day.

As Elzar grew he was a serious child and devoted to magical study at an early age.  His mother was a common servant woman but a book store owner who happened to be some sort of hedge wizard took a liking to him.  As a half-elf he grew up a little slower than the human kids but he also learned quicker and it wasn’t long that the lord’s wizard of the castle took notice of him and made him his apprentice.  Elzar tells a story that eventually this wizard realized that Elzar was not your standard wizard where you learn spells from books but more of a sorcerer with his power internal than learned although he could do the learned magic.  For Elzar, he simply had to imagine what he wanted to do and then the power would come from him to do it.  His only limitation was there was only so much power in the well, so to speak although he indicates that practice allowed him to use that well more efficiently.

This however became his obsession which was to use it even more and more efficiently.  He began to study books of the subject but he turned his attention to finding logical ways to make it happen with limited success.  He then ran across a book that indicated that perhaps not logical conservation being the secret to more power but rather creativity.  He became frustrated with the idea that was true because that simply was not his personality so he began to find ways open his mind and free his creative thoughts and this led him to a ritual that I believe changed him forever.

While I cannot prove this, I believe that he did the ritual but it had an unexpected complications.  It not only freed Elzar’s mind but it did it to the point that he became Amok – a true free creative spirit with oddball quirks.  The reason I think this is so because Elzar described the ritual he intended to do as involving lightning.  He never describes his appearance as having scars or even birthmarks, but when I met Amok for the first time he has a jagged scar that ran down the right side of his face and from travelling with him I have learned it goes from there and all down the right side of his body.  There was also a streak of white hair where the car starts and runs down the right side of his face as well even though the rest of his hair is a deep brown.  The scars tell me that the ritual happened and it went horrible wrong but in the end it created one of the most unique individuals I have ever met in my adventures.


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