Commentary: Other Projects and Raising Eyebrows

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I want to announce some of the other projects I will present here on The Beagle and the Courtesan.  While the main story I will be working on I will The Tales of The Beagle and The Courtesan, as a project of practicing my creative writing, will also be working on a couple other fictional projects.  The main story will probably appear in some form at least once per week but these other projects will appear from time to time.  One of the things I have learned about myself is I get bored easy if I work on the same thing all the time.  Having a few other things to channel my creative energy into is always helpful.

Some things that are on the back burners:

  1. Tales of Amok – A long time ago I was a Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Master and Player.  One of my favorite characters I ever made was a Half-Elven wild mage known only as Amok.  He was a pretty interesting and unique character but I will save that for the series.
  2. MegaTraveller Backgrounds Short Stories –  On my other blog I had a series called The Adventures of Ayn Jones.  In it I used the MegaTraveller Role Playing Game (RPG) as my backdrop and created a single character named Ayn Jones where I created the background in the character creation system and then fleshed out the die rolls and such into story.  What I am thinking is taking each year of character creation background and writing a full short story to explain what happened in greater detail.  Mostly I see this as a way to learn to develop character backgrounds better.
  3. Other Short Stories – This one is an attempt to write short stories in a single post.  They could be anything so that should be interesting.

Now, I want to talk to some folks who are raising their eyebrows about my title for this blog.  Most of these folks are more religious or faith-based folks.  I get your concern but if you know me personally what do you think your raised eyebrows mean to me – success.  Exactly what I wanted.  I have never been good at being the typical Reverend Rick.  I have this terrible notion that ideas should be freely expressed and that is why my theology over the years has taken the course it has by pushing the edge and seeing what happens.  This blog is about creative writing and as such it needs to be creative and walk the line between the dichotomy known as the church and the world, saint and sinner, etc.  It is about learning to write creatively and with greater skill.  To do that I need to ride the edge and so it is just better to come out right the gate with dichotomy that is unique and creative.

Thanks for reading.

Blessings and Cheers!!!


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